18 May 2005

Hi everyone. Just creating this blog to tell the story of my weight loss.
Last year I became quite sick and I realised that I needed to try and change my lifestyle and eating habits and lose some weight.
I was 80kgs and wore size 14-16 clothes. I decided to go on a 7 day de-tox diet. This consisted mainly of soup and vegetables. I stuck to the diet and lost 4kgs in the 7 days.
I was so pleased with my progress that I decided to keep trying to lose weight. I started on the WW points system and cut down on saturated fats, ate lots of fruit and vegies and drank lots of water. I also bought a mini trampoline and started jogging on it each day. As I hadn't exercised for years I started slowly, only jogging 10 minutes and day and gradually built up to 30 minutes on most days. It is great knowing that I can do this at home, while watching TV or listening to music and I don't have to pay for a gym membership!
I slowly, but surely began to lose weight and now (after six months) I am 63.5kgs and size 10! This is the smallest (and healthiest) I have been for years and I am very pleased with myself.
I eat much more food each day than I used to and make sure I eat something every couple of hours.
My cholesterol had dropped from 6.2 to 4.2 and my blood pressure and blood sugar levels are normal for the first time in years.
I want to continue with this healthy change for the rest of my life!

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