19 May 2005

Shopping for size 10!

Hi everyone. Things are going well and I am maintaining my weight without any problem. Last night we decided to be naughty and have a takeaway tea. I ordered a steak sandwich and it was so small that the people should have been embarrassed to sell it. When I arrived home with it I put lots of spinach leaves in it to try and make it a bit more filling. I was still starving when I finished and I ate some chips. They were OK. Not too fatty, but as I haven't had them for ages I thought I would really enjoy them. Instead I kept thinking of all the nice, healthy things I could have had for tea and I would have been much more satisifed.
I realised my healthy eating has really become a true way of life and I don't enjoy fatty, fattening foods any more.
Went shopping today. I am trying to build up my wardrobe again as I literally have had to give away most of my clothes due to the fact that they were either hanging like old bags or falling off me!
Size 10 shopping is great fun. I keep choosing larger things and having to go back and get size 10!
Not jogging on the tramp today cause I had lots of exercise walking around the shops all morning!
I even took a banana and some water with me so I wouldn't be tempted.
Met some girls for lunch from my last workplace. It was lovely to catch up with them. I am not working at the moment. I decided to have a year or so off to get healthy and so far it is working out well. Maybe I won't work again!?
We have a five month old kitten who is starting to get very adventurous and came toddling along from down the street when I arrived home. She was OK though and was glad to be fed and brought inside as it starts to get quite cool after 2pm here at this time of the year.
We are getting new heating next week. I can't wait. We have an oil heater at the moment and it is too expensive to run. We are going electric. Should be warmer and easier.
Made some yummy minestrone soup for tea.

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GinaRose28 said...

Hi Sue

Started the 7 day plan today so far so good