26 May 2005

Warm at last

Our new electric heaters are installed at last. Just as well, cause it is freeeeeezing here today. It took them two days instead of one because we have an old house and everything they went to do they encountered problems. All the wiring had to be checked and we had to have a new Mains switch. Three of our lights didn't have earth wires, the oil heater was cemented in and didn't want to come out. Consequently they were here much longer than expected. Very nice guys though and very neat and clean. They took their shoes off every time they came inside! But all is well now and it is warm and cosy.
I didn't jog on my tramp today as I walked briskly to the shops, pushing my little grand-daughter (2) in her pusher. Great exercise! We couldn't go past Wendy's though and I had a chocollo in a baby cone (yum) and she had great fun with a soft serve. Lots of drips, but lots of smiles too!

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