30 June 2005

Coriander poisoning ?!

I think I may have been poisoned by coriander in a past life!

I simply can not stand the taste of coriander. We decided to have an easy tea tonight. I bought a jar of tomato pasta sauce to have with pasta. (I normally make my own sauce). I cooked the pasta and some zucchini and covered it with sauce. I tasted it and could not tolerate the strong taste of coriander. Until I actually grew some coriander and tasted it I didn't realise the offensive (to me) taste in some foods was actually coriander. I washed the pasta and zucchini in boiling water to try and get rid of the sauce taste and replaced it with a can of tomatoes. I could STILL taste it. I simply could not eat it. I really like nearly all foods (except kidneys and brains), but coriander literally makes me feel sick and I don't really know why.
Consequently I have just eaten FOUR pieces of Pizza from Pizza Hut. At least it was thin style vegetarian, but still lots of points!!!

Up and down week

I have had a very up and down week this week, both my mood and my weight. I weigh myself each morning, but I only record it once a week. I like to keep my eye on things each morning though. I usually don't change that much but this week has been really weird. The scales have been up a kilo then back to normal then up 500g then back to normal and today I am the smallest I have been. 63kgs. I won't record it though cause I always record my weight on Saturday mornings. I will probably be back up again by then.
I have still been tracking and looking back at the last couple of weeks I have been taking a few more risks than normal (you know - the Baileys and Mars Bar slice). I don't want this to become a habit so I will be more careful with alcohol and if I do eat more treats I am going to do some extra exercise.
I don't know how others who have reached their goal weight manage, but I realise now that I will have to track for the rest of my life if I want to stay at this weight. It has become a way of life for me now.

29 June 2005

Fad diets

The more I read about "fad" diets the happier I am that I chose to stay on the WW points system. Surely most of these diets, being so restrictive, are just a recipe for failure. I think we have the recipe for success. At least we can choose the food we eat and we are given enough information to make healthy choices. Having points just keeps us within a healthy amount of the right foods for weight loss and maintenance. Since starting to maintain I have tried to have a bit more protein than I was having. I now have no fat yoghurt instead of Diet yoghurt and I am drinking more milk (in smoothies). Before I started to lose weight I didn't drink any water, didn't drink milk in any form and didn't eat cereal or grainy bread and didn't exercise. My bones must surely be getting stronger with all this calcium and exercise. I only hope I haven't left it too late. I wish I had been more careful in my 20's and 30's.

I saw a session on TV last night telling me that the most attractive body now for women is the body of someone with a BMI of 20.85. They told me that was a more rounded figure than the slim models we see. I would need to weigh 57kgs to have a BMI of 21 and I would look anorexic! No wonder some young women start to get eating disorders when they are trying to live up to all these expectations.

I have added my chicken kiev and tomato bake recipe to my recipe blog.

28 June 2005

I've been naughty

A few weeks ago we went out to a hotel with friends and I decided to have a glass of "Baileys". It cost an absolute fortune and only just covered the bottom of the glass, so it was hardly a taste. Last week we went to the bottle shop to buy some wine and I saw a gift box with a bottle of Baileys and two nice glasses on special. Well, as we know, I can't resist "free" offers so I bought it. I thought it would be nice to have a glass occasionally, as I do really like it. I usually have a glass or two of red wine with my evening meal most nights. The bottle of Baileys is finished already!!!!!! A taste occasionally turned into two glasses every night (after the red wine) for a week! I wonder how long it will be before that shows on my scales? It hasn't yet, but surely I am stretching my luck a bit! Another thing to put on my list of never buying again!

That, combined with the light mars bars slice which I have finally made and is delicious, is a bit too naughty!

27 June 2005

Pumpkin Soup - easy recipe

I have added my easy Pumpkin Soup recipe to the recipe section of my blog. It only has one point for the whole recipe (1 apple) so I count it as a no point soup. I also found out why the Blender instructions say do not blend hot liquid! I tried to blend too much, too hot and I had pumpkin soup all over the kitchen! Soup still tastes nice though (what's left of it).

Men are lucky

I think it is much more difficult for women to control their eating habits than men. So many emotional and physical things affect women. Our changing hormone level each month certainly makes it difficult and I am sure our moods are much more affected by even such things as the weather than men's moods are. On these freezing days I just feel like snuggling up with warm drinks and food and yet dear husband still goes about his business as though nothing is different. During any major trauma in my life I usually can't eat, but the men in my life still need their meals served regularly. On happy and festive occasions the first thing I think of is what delicious food to serve people.
I guess one of the main tools we need to acquire in making this weight loss thing permanent is the ability to control our eating even during our changes in feelings and circumstances. It certainly isn't easy though.

25 June 2005

Underwear sale - what is it with Bras?

I decided to go and check out the underwear sales today. I have bought quite a few clothes lately and have been very pleased that things have fitted nicely, but today was a different story. What is it with BRA sizes? I can't believe the differences in the brands. They are all so tiny and most of them are so padded. Even though I have lost weight and fit comfortably into 10's or 12's in tops, I tried on lots of different bras from 12C, D DD, 14B, C,D and NONE of them fit properly. I haven't lost my boobs, but they are smaller and I am glad about that, but I felt horrible and ugly today. I did hear another woman talking to her daughter and saying she couldn't believe how sizes differ, so I wasn't the only one having trouble. A young girl was buying one from Bra's and Things and it was padded with water or something. She was very excited about it, but all I wanted was a decent, nice fitting, pretty bra.
In the end I gave up and will continue wearing my bigger ones until I feel in a better mood to cope with the trauma of it all.

24 June 2005

It is freeeeeezing here!

Well it's 10 o'clock and the frost is only just starting to thaw! The old me would have poked my nose out of bed this morning and then quickly snuggled back down until about now! Instead I jumped out of bed at 6.30am and jogged for half and hour on my tramp. Then I washed floors and tidied the house, checked blogs, spent half an hour trying to figure out how to add a word page link of my favourite recipes for Anne (still haven't mastered that) and made my curried lamb (recipe below) for tea. No wonder I feel like curry, it is so cold here! Heaters are working well though so I shouldn't complain and I also spare a thought for poor Michelle (http://feedmysoulnow.blogspot.com/)who has already been out driving and had a slight car accident this morning, so glad she is OK!

Isn't it great to feel healthy and alive though! Have a great weekend!!!!!!

Lamb curry in the slow cooker

I am making a nice Lamb Curry in the slow cooker. (approx 4 1/2 points per serve - serves 4)

500g lean diced lamb (heart smart)
dash of curry powder (or curry paste)
1 sachet tomato paste
dash of worstershire sauce
1 pkt roast meat gravy mix (mixed with a cup of boiling water)
1 tablespoon sultanas
1 large sweet potato diced in large pieces
2 carrots sliced
2 sticks celery chopped
1 small onion chopped
sprinkle of mixed spice
pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients in slow cooker and cook on high for 5 hours or low for 7 to 8 hours. (cook in moderate oven in casserole for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours)

Serve with plain CousCous (made to directions on packet) approx 2 1/2 points per 50g (small serve) or pasta or rice. (points not included)

23 June 2005

I NEED to exercise

I can't believe how I feel now if I don't exercise. It is OK if I have a planned day off, but if I plan to exercise and something stops me I feel quite deprived and not quite right. In other words bloated, fat, angry and depressed. Well I am exaggerating slightly, but I don't feel pleased with myself.
I also can't believe that for years I did no exercise at all. I moaned if I had to park the car too far away from the shops - now I either walk from home or don't mind where I park. I always made the excuse that I was too busy with work and family and I feel very guilty now when I read the blogs of busy working people who still find time to go to the gym or run or walk for miles. If only I had realised that it is not that hard to find half and hour a day (especially at home) to do some form of exercise.
I also feel quite guilty when I am making delicious, nutritious meals almost every meal and I think about the years that I grabbed takeaway for the family on the way home from work. Not every night, but far too often.

22 June 2005

Different sized bodies

I was reading through Slimming and WW magazine and it amazes me how different we can all be even at the same height. I am 163cm and at 63.5kg I am as small as I need to be. I am a comfortable size 10 now in jeans. I think I would look too thin if I were any smaller. Some others at 163cm looked good at 57kg or 60kg. I really think we need to suit ourselves and our own body shape and frame size and not be too caught up with numbers. It really all comes down to how comfortable we feel within our body and within our clothes and of course the health benefits.

21 June 2005

We are so lucky

I was just looking through the WW forum and getting ideas in the food and recipe section and I suddenly thought how lucky we are these days to be able to look up recipes and great sites on the net. Spare a thought for the women (and men) of yesteryear, who had to rely on old recipes books and recipes from their mothers and grand-mothers. If we feel like cooking something we only have to do a search and we will be told what to cook and how to cook it. Maybe I am just getting old but I really appreciate the life we have and the convenience of the computer and the knowlege we have at our fingertips.

And of course we also get the opportunity to meet our nice blogger friends while tinkering on our computer!

20 June 2005

Update on George Roaster and Light Mars Bar Slice Recipe

Well George cooked the lamb roast perfectly. Easiest roast I have ever made. I'm so glad I bought him. I will try a chicken next.

Now for you Vix, and anyone else who fancies it, the recipe for Light Mars Bar Slice (from Annette Sym's Symply too Good to be True No 3 book)

Makes 15 slices (1.3 points per serve)
2 X 44.5 Mars Bars Lite
3 cups Rice Bubbles
2 tablespoons golden syrup
1 tablespoon reduced fat margarine (Flora Lite)
1 tablespoon skim milk
cooking spray

3/4 cup icing sugar
2 tablespoon cocoa
1-2 tablespoons skim milk

BASE: Place rice bubbles in a large mixing bowl. In a microwave safe bowl place roughly chopped Mars Bars, margarine and golden syrup. Melt on high for 2 minutes, stir well, return to microwave for a further 30 seconds. Add milk and stir mixture until smooth. Pour melted chocolate mixture into rice bubbles, stirring until covered with chocolate mix. Coat a slab tin with cooking spray and press mixture into tin evenly. Refrigerate.

ICING: once slice is set place all icing ingredients into a small mixing bowl and mix together well. Spread icing over base and refrigerate. Once set cut into 15 slices.
This slice is best kept refrigerated.

I haven't actually made this yet cause I ate the Mars Bars before I managed to buy any Rice Bubbles, but I will try it soon and it sure looks yummy. I would use baking paper to line the tray instead of spraying it.

19 June 2005


I have never been one for having a lot of gadgets in the kitchen - that is until now! Since I have become a lot more interested in healthy food and preparing it in the tastiest way, gadgets just jump out at my in the shops!
I bought a rice cooker some months ago and absolutely love it. Perfect rice every time.
I won an electric steamer and I just love the taste of vegies steamed in that. I have always steamed vegies in a saucepan, but the steamer seems to be extra tasty.
Then I bought my slow cooker and I love that. I can go away on a nasty winter's day and come home to a succulent casserole.
Because I can't resist a bargain, today I bought a blender. Came home and made a lovely banana smoothie and can't wait to make my favourite pumpkin soup. I usually have to push it through a strainer and now I will be able to just zap it.
While I was buying that I happened to see a George Foreman Roaster on sale too! I use my George Grill quite often so I decided to grab the roaster as well.
I have a roast of lamb with garlic and rosemary and vegies roasting as we speak. Oh, the aroma! I turned it on and because I have two heaters on and my tumble dryer was tumbling away, I suddenly lost all electricity to the house. We have new heaters and we are still waiting for the hydro to come and connect our new mains. Our electrician told me not to use the oven and the heaters at the same time or I would blow the mains. Well George did it! I phoned the hydro and a nice young boy has just been to fix it. No, I can't use George and the dryer and the heaters all at once! So I have my coat on and I opted for George and not the heaters! That lamb just smells too nice, I can always put on my mittens and a scarf to keep warm!


I went to a smorgasbord dinner yesterday. At first, when I saw the vast array of delicious food I thought I would be in big trouble because I wouldn't be able to resist. But as I was choosing my food I found myself mentally working out the approximate points and leaving the really bad things where they were. Even if I chose something a bit naughty, when I went back to the table and actually started eating, I could only bring myself to have a tiny taste of that particular food and that was enough. I certainly ate lots more points than normal, but I didn't blow everything completely and I really enjoyed myself. Others who were with me couldn't resist saying "thought you were on a diet" and I just smiled and said "yes, a see food diet, whatever I see and I like I can eat". And it is true, this way of eating does become a true way of life and even though temptations are hard at times, it does become second nature if we want it to. It is all about choices.

17 June 2005


I have read a lot of posts on the WW forum about freezing Light Mars Bars for a treat. I have never been able to find them in the shops until today. Oh dear. I bought two of them to try and make Annette Sym's Light Mars Bar Slice. When I came home I decided to cut a piece off one and try it. It was so delicious. I quickly cut up the bars into thirds and froze the pieces. I won't make the slice this time (I didn't have any Rice Bubbles in the cupboard), but I will try it another time.
While I was constantly losing weight I was hardly ever tempted to indulge in naughty things. I think I loved seeing the scales go down so much that I wouldn't do anything to jeopardise that. Now I have reached my goal weight I seem to be tempted more and more by "goodies". I keep having to tell myself to BE STRONG and just have a treat occasionally and I will stay on track, but it isn't easy!

My weather pixie

I want to look like my weather pixie (on the right of my blog). I know I am much older, but what do you think? Yes, after a couple of wines! LOL!

New photo

Me trying to look like my weather pixie  Posted by Hello

16 June 2005

Herb Bread

Bought a Baker's Delight French stick today to make garlic and herb bread for guests. I have a sadly neglected herb garden (I'm not a gardener and don't like it). I grow my herbs in pots outside though and it is great to pick fresh herbs. I picked tyme, oregano,rosemary and parsley and finely chopped it and mixed in some garlic. As I was adding it to the butter I decided to make my own special little parcel of low fat delight. I cut off 4 slices of French Stick (2 points) and slightly melted 1 portion of Laughing Cow light cheese (1/2 point) and mixed in my herbs and garlic. Wrapped up my little parcel separately and yum I'm going to have 4 slices of herb bread for 2 1/2 points. Gee isn't it great how small things can really make me happy these days!

15 June 2005

Can't resist a bargain

I went to the supermarket today and while I was buying the "Slimming" Magazine I noticed that there was a free bag of "goodies" with the "Fresh" Magazine at Woolworths. I can't resist any free offers so I bought "Fresh" as well. Actually there are usually some good recipes and ideas in "Fresh". Came home, made a cup of tea and ripped open the freebie bag. Ate the vegie chips (yum, points friendly), ate the fruit and nut bar (too many points), ate some of the choccie biscuits (too many points) and almost ate the muesli until I read at the last minute that it was "not fit for human comsumption" (pet muesli!!!!). That, and the fact that I have had to have a no point vegie tea, has cured me from ever buying a "freebie" bag again!!!!!

14 June 2005

Feeling Crafty

It is a miserable day here and I always feel like knitting or making something on a day like this. I just had a look on the Better Homes and Gardens site. There are lots of great ideas there and I have decided to make some knitted cushion covers. (http://www.bhg.com.au/) At least it is only a small project and I have too many scarves at the moment and don't feel like starting anything that will take forever, so I will see how the cushion covers work out.
Also on cold, dull days I tend to snack more if I'm not busy doing something!
I hope more young people learn to knit. It gives a great sense of satisfaction to make something from just a few balls of wool. My daughter knits too and she has made lovely toys for her children. She just finished a great poncho too. Don't know where she finds time as she is a full-time teacher with three children, but she enjoys it too! She says it relieves stress!
I love to crochet too. Can't read a crochet pattern, but last year I made lots of rugs for others. (Mainly football colours of course).

13 June 2005

My bike Posted by Hello

Love my bike!

We went riding on our bikes yesterday. I am so pleased I bought it last year. My husband has always had two or three bikes (one for long distance, one mountain bike, and one for I don't know what, maybe it was just a good buy at the time) and I haven't had one since I was little. One day when we were shopping for a new bike pump I saw a beautiful pink and purple bike for under $100 and said I would like it. He thought I was joking but when I actually sat on it and tried on a nice purple helmet he realised I was serious. We bought it and he put it together for me. We loaded our bikes on the ute and drove out to the country and I went for my first bike ride for many years. It was fantastic. I was just a bit wobbly at first but it's true that once you have learnt how to ride a bike you can always ride one. Gears were a new experience, but I don't change them often. The brake was another story cause my bike years ago had a foot brake and now the brake is on the handlebars. But all was well and we had great fun.
Now we often go for a ride. Usually 5 to 10 kms. I don't like hills much but let me ride on reasonably flat land and I can ride for miles. We had to go and buy a more comfortable seat (I think the cheaper bikes have the hardest,worst seats I have ever experienced) and I have a lambswool seat cover to make things more comfortable, but it is great now.
My "kids" thought I had gone completely nuts, but my 12 year old grand daughter thinks it's cool to have a granny who cycles!
If you are half thinking of buying a bike. DO IT!!!!! You won't regret it!

11 June 2005

Just love cape seed bread

I have been trying to find a nice, tasty, filling bread. I have finally found Bakers Delight Cape Seed Loaf. It is really yummy. Lots and lots of seeds and makes me feel satisfied for a lot longer than other breads. It is 2 1/2 points for two thin slices (68g) or 3 1/2 points for 2 toast slices. I have been having the thin sliced toasted for breakfast and the slices are still big enough to be very satisfying. I mostly spread it with my favourite Laughing Cow Light cheese portions (1/2 a point a portion, enough for 2 slices) and then have vegemite or if I'm really hungry I slice or mash a banana on it.
Says a lot about how much excitement I have in my life when my choice of bread becomes a source of wonder! You know what I mean though. These small choices make so much difference when we are counting every morsel that passes through our precious lips!

10 June 2005

Maintaining on 22-26 points

I seem to be maintaining my weight on between 22 and 26 points. I guess it works out to be nearly like the "Wendie Plan". 26 points one day, maybe 20 the next and then 22. No set pattern, but not exactly the same every day. Anyway I guess as long as it works I am OK. I am still making sure that I exercise about 5 days a week. Just 20 to 30 minutes jogging on my tramp and then 10 minutes of sit-ups and leg exercises. I tend to exercise before breakfast, quite early in the morning and then it is finished and I feel better for the day and I feel as though I have started my metabolism working properly for the day. Psychological or not? Don't know, but it works for me.
Winter is much harder than Summer though. On these dark, dull days (especially in Tassie) I feel much more like eating lots. I would much rather have a lovely sunny day with lots of lovely salads and Barbecues. Oh well, I guess it will come soon enough. Have to make lots of lovely low point soups.
Has anyone discovered Sherbert Cones. I love them. They are only 1/2 a point each. Marshmallow and sherbert in a cone with hundreds and thousands. They are a great sugar fix for me after tea and they are quite filling. Not chocolate, but still yummy! Must be Wizz Fizz. Beware of imitations!

09 June 2005

"Spring" cleaning

I am just in the middle of cleaning out my wardrobe and thought I would take a little break. I can't believe the lack of clothes I have now. I just tried on every piece of clothing in my wardrobe and NONE of my old clothes fit! I know it is exciting to lose weight but it is also expensive! I have tried things on over the last 6 months and given aways lots and kept some which still looked OK, but now the only clothes that look OK are my new ones. I now feel a bit guilty for having to buy all new clothes, from underwear to coats. Even my coats are hanging like huge sacks! I will build my wardrobe up again gradually though. The only thing I keep telling myself is I will NEVER fit into them again. I will NEVER gain that much weight again. So I have decided to get rid of all the larger clothes and clean out my drawers and wardrobe and start afresh with a neat, tidy lovely collection of new smaller, prettier clothes.

08 June 2005

Made a nice Chicken Casserole

Made a nice Chicken Casserole in the Slow Cooker: 4 points per serve - serves 4

2 Chicken Breasts cut in pieces
1 pkt Cream of Chicken soup mix
1 tin Creamed corn
small piece capsicum (chopped)
small onion (chopped)or onion flakes
Zucchini diced
2 carrots diced
8 button mushrooms chopped (optional)
piece pumpkin diced (or any other vegie)
3 tblspoons barbecue sauce (or more if desired)
pepper to taste

Toss all vegies, creamed corn and chicken in Slow Cooker. Mix soup mix and barbecue sauce with a cup of water. Pour over chicken and vegies and stir. Cook in Slow Cooker 5 hours on high or 7-8 hours on low. Serve on rice (points not included).

07 June 2005

I now have a waist

I am not buying jeans or trousers or skirts with elastic at the sides ever again. I think that now I have my waist back I want to feel it if I eat too much and my clothes start to get tight. It is too easy to start buying more comfortable clothes. I will never do that again. I will keep a check on how my body feels and know when to be more careful for a few days and bring myself back into line.

The chocolate isle at the supermarket beckoned me on Friday. I am usually very strong and when my husband throws in his mini Flakes and choc coated licorice I usually resist. On Friday I spotted mini Turkish Delights. 60% less fat than other chocs they told me on the packet. I'll just buy them and have one as a treat "sometimes" I thought. When I came home I checked the points - only 1 point each. I was so pleased. That was until I ate 1. 1 turned in to 3. Then another one! The packet was gone in three days and I no longer have one "just for a treat". I won't buy them again. They were too hard to resist and I didn't really need them. They made me see how easy it would be to slip back to my old habits. Maintaining is not as easy as I thought it would be. Because I can have more points and I am adding new things I really need to be careful about the foods I am adding. I REFUSE to put weight back on!

05 June 2005

Handy information

I absolutely couldn't do without this spreadsheet. The formula came from a kind and helpful person at the WW forum. I use this all the time to check the points on foods. I first look up the food information either on the packet or on the dietclub.com.au food information site. Then use this spreadsheet to work out the points. I don't know whether it is totally accurate, but I have been using it for months and it certainly works for me.
Formula for points Type in Kj and Sat fat only.
Kj 0 Sat fat 0.0

formula for points =((Kj/4.184)/70)+(Sat fat/4)

{Thanks Vix (points =(calories/70)+(Sat fat/4) }

03 June 2005

Tuna patties

My dear grand-daughter came to stay yesterday. She is 12. She received a gift voucher from a hair salon for her birthday (great idea) and she decided she wanted foils. She had very subtle red and blonde streaks put in (she has dark brown hair). When she first told me I was a bit shocked, but it just made subtle highlights of colour and looks really nice. We decided to make
Tuna Patties for tea. (2 points each) I know they aren't very exciting, but I love them and she does too!

1 can Tuna in springwater
dash of tomato sauce
dash of worcestershire sauce
onion flakes
2 tablespoons fat free mayonaisse (I make my own)
2 potatoes (cooked and mashed)
1 egg white
sprinkle of (chilli, cumin and garlic) flakes
1 tblspoon bread crumbs in mixture and more to coat patties.

Mix all ingredients well and form into 8 small patties. Coat in breadcrumbs. Fry in 1 tblspoon olive oil or olive oil spray until golden brown and cooked (about 20 minutes). Serve with a leafy salad.

Mayonaisse (1 tablespoon 1/2 point)

1 can reduced fat condensed milk
1/2 cup vinegar
salt to taste
2 teaspoons mustard (I used seeded mustard)

Mix all ingredients. I use a Tupperware quickshake. Makes life easier.

02 June 2005

Drinking water

I really think that drinking plenty of water is one of the main keys to keeping weight off. Before I changed my diet I would never drink a glass of water. My ankles were always swollen, especially after a day at work, my fingers were often so puffy that my rings were really tight. Since I have made sure I drink at least one and a half litres of water a day I am fine. No puffiness or swollen ankles. What a simple thing to change though! and free too!

01 June 2005

Poor little Mitsie

Poor little Mitsie (our cat) had her "operation" yesterday. It was safer for her to have it cause she is mainly an outdoor cat and we don't want her to have lots of kittens. She was quite stunned when she came home at 5.30pm last night and I placed her gently in her soft warm bed. I placed her food and water near her and left her for the night. This morning she was still where I left her and still looked stunned. I felt so sorry for her! She hadn't touched her food, and I only hope she had sipped at her water. I checked on her each hour through the day and at last this afternoon she looked a bit brighter. I put clean food in her bowl and she finally decided it was time to eat. She slowly licked at her food and looked at me with sad eyes as if to say "what have you done to me?". She wandered back to her basket and snuggled down again. I have been in contact with my daughter during the day to ask if she thought Mitsie would be O.K. She said "how would you feel if you had just had that operation? You wouldn't want to eat or associate with anyone or do anything for 6 weeks or so, so give her a chance. She will be O.K", and I am sure she is!

Baby Wipes!

Just had to share this tip. Probably all the young mothers already know this, but for anyone else who is interested I (being a granny) have just discovered Coles (Alcohol Free) Thick Baby Wipes. No, not just for cleaning babies, but for spot cleaning clothes, upholstery, carpets and any other mess where you need to clean a stain in a hurry without leaving any marks. They really work!!!! No, I don't have shares in the Company, I just hate marks and stains on things and tried one by accident the other day and they are wonderful.