01 June 2005

Baby Wipes!

Just had to share this tip. Probably all the young mothers already know this, but for anyone else who is interested I (being a granny) have just discovered Coles (Alcohol Free) Thick Baby Wipes. No, not just for cleaning babies, but for spot cleaning clothes, upholstery, carpets and any other mess where you need to clean a stain in a hurry without leaving any marks. They really work!!!! No, I don't have shares in the Company, I just hate marks and stains on things and tried one by accident the other day and they are wonderful.


Anne said...

Hi there - have just found your blog. Your husband and mine could be good friends. Mine is a bit reluctant if he thinks the food is healthy - loves gravy, butter etc. You are doing so well:)

michelle said...

Hi there, thanks for posting in my blog. Now I have found yours I will visit regularly.It is great to find someone a little "older" to share with.

Leighanne said...

My sister in law's girls are in their 20's. She never used wipes back then. When she babysat my boys when they were little I left a pack there onceand she has been buying her own ever since- they are great for grubby little hand prints!