29 June 2005

Fad diets

The more I read about "fad" diets the happier I am that I chose to stay on the WW points system. Surely most of these diets, being so restrictive, are just a recipe for failure. I think we have the recipe for success. At least we can choose the food we eat and we are given enough information to make healthy choices. Having points just keeps us within a healthy amount of the right foods for weight loss and maintenance. Since starting to maintain I have tried to have a bit more protein than I was having. I now have no fat yoghurt instead of Diet yoghurt and I am drinking more milk (in smoothies). Before I started to lose weight I didn't drink any water, didn't drink milk in any form and didn't eat cereal or grainy bread and didn't exercise. My bones must surely be getting stronger with all this calcium and exercise. I only hope I haven't left it too late. I wish I had been more careful in my 20's and 30's.

I saw a session on TV last night telling me that the most attractive body now for women is the body of someone with a BMI of 20.85. They told me that was a more rounded figure than the slim models we see. I would need to weigh 57kgs to have a BMI of 21 and I would look anorexic! No wonder some young women start to get eating disorders when they are trying to live up to all these expectations.

I have added my chicken kiev and tomato bake recipe to my recipe blog.


Anne said...

You are right about the WW being far better than fad diets! I'm a bit like you and hope I haven't left the healthy eating too late! I used to have very little grain, milk and also hardly ever drunk water.

Mary said...

I agree, WW is a very successful program and it teaches you about food and exercise also.

I have also learnt not to believe anything on TV and since working at Fairfax, I won't believe much in the paper now either. Good to get info from as many sources as possible and work it out for yourself.

Have a great day today and don't jump to fast on your tramp or you'll be bouncing off the walls! :-)

M said...

I so agree with you. My journey has been made so simple for me because ww has taught me that I can have anything I want as long as I stick to my daily/weekly points, but I should learn to make healthier choices as I can have more food.

We are doing something so good to help show that a healthy, fit, female (or male) form is achievable without starving or deprivation.

Have a wonderful day :)

Emily said...

Your whole post was spot on!! WW is great because it gives you guidelines to apply to your life, and is flexible enough that you can still have a life!

The BMI thing is all a load of crock! It varies depending on who the source is, but I just went to the following site, and was told that my current BMI of 25 still categorises me as 'overweight' and when I get to goal (in 2.7kg) I will only be 'marginally overweight'!!!

I guess that is the reason WW gives you a healthy 'range' - because everyone is a different shape and size, some muscular and some not, but its quite disheartening to hear that that 20.85 is being advertised as normal. I would have to be 58 kg to achieve this - the same weight as when I was 15!!

Rachel said...

Hi there! I think that the BMI idea can be a little unrealistic at times and a tad dangerous (especially if some think that a BMI of 20.85 is considered the most attractive and higher than most models BMIs - scary thought!) I'm almost almost at the top end of my BMI and I feel pretty good about it and my shape and size. I can fit into my smaller jeans that I first bought when I lost 17kgs about 4 years ago on WW. It's all relative... and I think that the satisfaction of fitting into your smaller jeans again far outweighs any "normal" BMI number. Love your blog, Slim Suzy!!