14 June 2005

Feeling Crafty

It is a miserable day here and I always feel like knitting or making something on a day like this. I just had a look on the Better Homes and Gardens site. There are lots of great ideas there and I have decided to make some knitted cushion covers. (http://www.bhg.com.au/) At least it is only a small project and I have too many scarves at the moment and don't feel like starting anything that will take forever, so I will see how the cushion covers work out.
Also on cold, dull days I tend to snack more if I'm not busy doing something!
I hope more young people learn to knit. It gives a great sense of satisfaction to make something from just a few balls of wool. My daughter knits too and she has made lovely toys for her children. She just finished a great poncho too. Don't know where she finds time as she is a full-time teacher with three children, but she enjoys it too! She says it relieves stress!
I love to crochet too. Can't read a crochet pattern, but last year I made lots of rugs for others. (Mainly football colours of course).


M said...

Knitting is huge here. Almost all of the young ones at work knit. I am a knitter from way back and at the beginning of my journey I knitted two scarves, just to keep my hands busy. I would love a sewing machine, I think that will be my real goal weight reward so that I can start sewing my own clothes again, and clothes for the boys. I love it.

Let us know how the cushions turn out.

Have a great day :)

Anne said...

Mmmmm knitting - my kids have me on heaps. I can knit and quite well but seem to be a bit of a non finishier at times. Have a couple of half knitted itmes around the place! One day........
You will have to take a photo of the cushions

A Girl Running said...

I wish I could knit. I can't even sew a button let alone make something lovely, warm and cosy!

I imagine it would stop my hands finding there way into the pantry as often....I have to learn.