19 June 2005


I have never been one for having a lot of gadgets in the kitchen - that is until now! Since I have become a lot more interested in healthy food and preparing it in the tastiest way, gadgets just jump out at my in the shops!
I bought a rice cooker some months ago and absolutely love it. Perfect rice every time.
I won an electric steamer and I just love the taste of vegies steamed in that. I have always steamed vegies in a saucepan, but the steamer seems to be extra tasty.
Then I bought my slow cooker and I love that. I can go away on a nasty winter's day and come home to a succulent casserole.
Because I can't resist a bargain, today I bought a blender. Came home and made a lovely banana smoothie and can't wait to make my favourite pumpkin soup. I usually have to push it through a strainer and now I will be able to just zap it.
While I was buying that I happened to see a George Foreman Roaster on sale too! I use my George Grill quite often so I decided to grab the roaster as well.
I have a roast of lamb with garlic and rosemary and vegies roasting as we speak. Oh, the aroma! I turned it on and because I have two heaters on and my tumble dryer was tumbling away, I suddenly lost all electricity to the house. We have new heaters and we are still waiting for the hydro to come and connect our new mains. Our electrician told me not to use the oven and the heaters at the same time or I would blow the mains. Well George did it! I phoned the hydro and a nice young boy has just been to fix it. No, I can't use George and the dryer and the heaters all at once! So I have my coat on and I opted for George and not the heaters! That lamb just smells too nice, I can always put on my mittens and a scarf to keep warm!


Anne said...

You will have to let us know how the lamb turns out! I wouldn't be without my George grill.

michelle said...

You made my mouth water so I just cooked a new noodle dish with meat vegies and a chutney sauce ,mmmm,
Now I might just think about that lamb you are cooking and maybe have it later in the week. I am enjoying cooking again so it is great to hear things that you cook for inspiration.

Mary said...

Oooohhh, the lamb sounds delicious so I've off to satisfy that thought :-)

Jodie said...

I love my rice cooker - every kitchen should have one!!! That with a jar of Patak's and some pre-sliced extra lean meat from coles or woolies makes one mean curry for dinner in no time at all!!! (This is tonight's dinner actually)

M said...

Great new photo.

It is 10.23am and I want roast lamb for lunch. With pumpkin soup. And rice. You fiend..

I'll settle for salad & dim sims. LOL. I have to get myself some kitchen gadgets too. Have the blender, but need a rice cooker and a George Forman grill.

LOL at you in mittens and scarf waiting for your dinner..

Have a great day :)