05 June 2005

Handy information

I absolutely couldn't do without this spreadsheet. The formula came from a kind and helpful person at the WW forum. I use this all the time to check the points on foods. I first look up the food information either on the packet or on the dietclub.com.au food information site. Then use this spreadsheet to work out the points. I don't know whether it is totally accurate, but I have been using it for months and it certainly works for me.
Formula for points Type in Kj and Sat fat only.
Kj 0 Sat fat 0.0

formula for points =((Kj/4.184)/70)+(Sat fat/4)

{Thanks Vix (points =(calories/70)+(Sat fat/4) }


Me said...

Thanks for your comments Suzy. I tried to mail you the other day but the mail bounced back. HAve made a note of the formula as there are times when you just need to work out the points value because you can't find it in any book.
Have a great day and take care !

Vix said...

I was going to add that kJ/4.18= Calories, so if you have a food that is in calories and not kilojoules you can modify the fomula to say:

points =(calories/70)+(Sat fat/4)

Good to see my $20k HECS bill is going to something useful. V.depressing!

M said...

Thanks Suzy (and Vix). I have a spreadsheet that converts it if I am at home or in the office, but I am going to put this in my bag so that when I am out shopping I can calculate it BEFORE I buy it..
Cheers :)