23 June 2005

I NEED to exercise

I can't believe how I feel now if I don't exercise. It is OK if I have a planned day off, but if I plan to exercise and something stops me I feel quite deprived and not quite right. In other words bloated, fat, angry and depressed. Well I am exaggerating slightly, but I don't feel pleased with myself.
I also can't believe that for years I did no exercise at all. I moaned if I had to park the car too far away from the shops - now I either walk from home or don't mind where I park. I always made the excuse that I was too busy with work and family and I feel very guilty now when I read the blogs of busy working people who still find time to go to the gym or run or walk for miles. If only I had realised that it is not that hard to find half and hour a day (especially at home) to do some form of exercise.
I also feel quite guilty when I am making delicious, nutritious meals almost every meal and I think about the years that I grabbed takeaway for the family on the way home from work. Not every night, but far too often.


Jodie said...

I know exactly how you feel. With having my op last week - I haven't been able to go to the gym for 2 weeks. I feel like I'm missing something. But back to it next week woo hoo!!

As for the dinners - don't you dare feel guilty - just because you put time and effort into preparing something that you want while other take the easy option. The easy option never tastes as good as a home cooked meal anyway!!!

Anne said...

I really relate to your post today. I had to park right outside the shop - hated walking and any exercise was zilch. Also we had takeaways far too often and not what you would call a blanced diet.

Great to see the change in ourselves.

Kate said...

I also know how you feel - I love to exercise now and I always feel better afterwards whereas i used to avoid it at all costs. What a healthier way of life this is!

M said...

Don't feel guilty about cooking. Only feel guilty if you don't share the recipes. LOL. Just printing them from here saves this busy little Mum some time and I love it.

It is so true about the exercise. I now start to worry when something comes up and I can't go do a lunch session because it is hard to fit in after work. I love it now. Still doesn't make it easy though :)

Have a great day

Mary said...

I can totally relate to the exercise thing. I had to cut my walk short today and I felt doubly ripped off. I can't believe I never exercised before! I agree with M, share and then you won't feel guilty ;-)

A Girl Running said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel!

I get so grouchy when I can't exercise

michelle said...

Yeh I missed my training session due to work and now it feels like weeks since I went even though it was only 2 days ago. And I agree keep those recipes coming.

Jaykay said...

While I was sick last week, I missed out on doing exercise for the whole week.

I was so worried that I'd put on tons of weight and that my fitness would plummet.

I never used to be like this. Was happy just to fit in the exercise when I could.

Now I'm like a person obsessed. I start to feel anxious if I don't exercise for more than 2 days in a row.

Think it must have something to do with my food input and my exercise output balancing. Too much food and not enough exercise = weight gain!!