07 June 2005

I now have a waist

I am not buying jeans or trousers or skirts with elastic at the sides ever again. I think that now I have my waist back I want to feel it if I eat too much and my clothes start to get tight. It is too easy to start buying more comfortable clothes. I will never do that again. I will keep a check on how my body feels and know when to be more careful for a few days and bring myself back into line.

The chocolate isle at the supermarket beckoned me on Friday. I am usually very strong and when my husband throws in his mini Flakes and choc coated licorice I usually resist. On Friday I spotted mini Turkish Delights. 60% less fat than other chocs they told me on the packet. I'll just buy them and have one as a treat "sometimes" I thought. When I came home I checked the points - only 1 point each. I was so pleased. That was until I ate 1. 1 turned in to 3. Then another one! The packet was gone in three days and I no longer have one "just for a treat". I won't buy them again. They were too hard to resist and I didn't really need them. They made me see how easy it would be to slip back to my old habits. Maintaining is not as easy as I thought it would be. Because I can have more points and I am adding new things I really need to be careful about the foods I am adding. I REFUSE to put weight back on!


Anne said...

I know there are some foods I just don't even like in the house as I can't stop at one! You are doing so well - well done on the waist!

Thanks too for the formula!

M said...

Yaaaa for refusing to put the weight back on. I too bought the Turkish Delight minis. TD are my favourite chocolate. I put the packet in the freezer and allowed myself one IF I did my exercise for the day. Because they were frozen it took much longer to eat them and it satisfied me quicker. Though, there were still days when I had 2.. I too have never bought them again.

Have a brilliant day :)

michelle said...

I am exactly the same with choc. I buy mini milky ways or mini lite bars and factor them into my points because I crave choc. Then something happens and I keep going back until the packet is empty. Oh dear who invented chocolate in the first place?

Danatasia said...

Great news on the waist :) I don't suppose they sell the turkish delight as singles, so you can buy one and no more?

A Girl Running said...

You did very well - the packet that I bought to have a treat "every few days" lasted about 2 hours and i was only one dipping into the bag!