24 June 2005

It is freeeeeezing here!

Well it's 10 o'clock and the frost is only just starting to thaw! The old me would have poked my nose out of bed this morning and then quickly snuggled back down until about now! Instead I jumped out of bed at 6.30am and jogged for half and hour on my tramp. Then I washed floors and tidied the house, checked blogs, spent half an hour trying to figure out how to add a word page link of my favourite recipes for Anne (still haven't mastered that) and made my curried lamb (recipe below) for tea. No wonder I feel like curry, it is so cold here! Heaters are working well though so I shouldn't complain and I also spare a thought for poor Michelle (http://feedmysoulnow.blogspot.com/)who has already been out driving and had a slight car accident this morning, so glad she is OK!

Isn't it great to feel healthy and alive though! Have a great weekend!!!!!!


M said...

Yes!!! It is great to be alive and healthy and having fun at the same time.

Can I come over for dinner. You slow cooked it so that should give me enough time to come over ;) Yummmmm

Have a great day.

Slim Suzy said...

Come over anytime!

Jodie said...

I love the cold - you feel like doing things just to warm you up!!

michelle said...

Thanks Suzy..and yes it was freezing when I got up at 5.20 to go to training. I am going to try your curry recipe even though I don't usually eat curry. sounds good. You are starting to make me think I need a slow cooker ..