11 June 2005

Just love cape seed bread

I have been trying to find a nice, tasty, filling bread. I have finally found Bakers Delight Cape Seed Loaf. It is really yummy. Lots and lots of seeds and makes me feel satisfied for a lot longer than other breads. It is 2 1/2 points for two thin slices (68g) or 3 1/2 points for 2 toast slices. I have been having the thin sliced toasted for breakfast and the slices are still big enough to be very satisfying. I mostly spread it with my favourite Laughing Cow Light cheese portions (1/2 a point a portion, enough for 2 slices) and then have vegemite or if I'm really hungry I slice or mash a banana on it.
Says a lot about how much excitement I have in my life when my choice of bread becomes a source of wonder! You know what I mean though. These small choices make so much difference when we are counting every morsel that passes through our precious lips!


M said...

I think breakfast is very exciting. Bread choices too. I haven't tried cape seed, will have to pick some up when I do the grocery's.
Hope you have a wonderful day.

Mary said...

Hi Slim Suzy! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :-) And what about you, you have already made it to goal so congratulations! I am going to catch up with your blog a little later tonight. I am very interested to see how you are maintaining, as I don't know many people at this stage of the their journey. Have a great weekend!

Vix said...

I should experiment with bread a buit more - Bakers Delight has a great range of bread and I usually buy the pane de casa thin sliced, and eat it toasted. Man, I could eat the whole loaf! (Hence why I dont buy it a lot, also it is white bread and I am going through a big thing on eating nutritious foods). Will def try some when my SoyLin runs out from my freezer stash! You always have food for thought!