13 June 2005

Love my bike!

We went riding on our bikes yesterday. I am so pleased I bought it last year. My husband has always had two or three bikes (one for long distance, one mountain bike, and one for I don't know what, maybe it was just a good buy at the time) and I haven't had one since I was little. One day when we were shopping for a new bike pump I saw a beautiful pink and purple bike for under $100 and said I would like it. He thought I was joking but when I actually sat on it and tried on a nice purple helmet he realised I was serious. We bought it and he put it together for me. We loaded our bikes on the ute and drove out to the country and I went for my first bike ride for many years. It was fantastic. I was just a bit wobbly at first but it's true that once you have learnt how to ride a bike you can always ride one. Gears were a new experience, but I don't change them often. The brake was another story cause my bike years ago had a foot brake and now the brake is on the handlebars. But all was well and we had great fun.
Now we often go for a ride. Usually 5 to 10 kms. I don't like hills much but let me ride on reasonably flat land and I can ride for miles. We had to go and buy a more comfortable seat (I think the cheaper bikes have the hardest,worst seats I have ever experienced) and I have a lambswool seat cover to make things more comfortable, but it is great now.
My "kids" thought I had gone completely nuts, but my 12 year old grand daughter thinks it's cool to have a granny who cycles!
If you are half thinking of buying a bike. DO IT!!!!! You won't regret it!


Anne said...

Thanks for that post Sue!! Will have to venture out shopping sometime soon and look into buying one! Great that you have found an exercise that you enjoy!

Glenys said...

I was given a bike by my family this time last year. I still don't like traffic but have found ways to get out there and have fun and avoid the busy roads. I feel like a kid again when I'm on mine and often race the kids for the last 5 mins of the trip home. Love your bike!! Great to have something to do together too.

Mary said...

Bikes are great! I used to live in the country and we would ride everywhere but now I live in the city, I'm a bit scared to ride. The idea of taking the bike out to the country though for a day, is a great one :-)