10 June 2005

Maintaining on 22-26 points

I seem to be maintaining my weight on between 22 and 26 points. I guess it works out to be nearly like the "Wendie Plan". 26 points one day, maybe 20 the next and then 22. No set pattern, but not exactly the same every day. Anyway I guess as long as it works I am OK. I am still making sure that I exercise about 5 days a week. Just 20 to 30 minutes jogging on my tramp and then 10 minutes of sit-ups and leg exercises. I tend to exercise before breakfast, quite early in the morning and then it is finished and I feel better for the day and I feel as though I have started my metabolism working properly for the day. Psychological or not? Don't know, but it works for me.
Winter is much harder than Summer though. On these dark, dull days (especially in Tassie) I feel much more like eating lots. I would much rather have a lovely sunny day with lots of lovely salads and Barbecues. Oh well, I guess it will come soon enough. Have to make lots of lovely low point soups.
Has anyone discovered Sherbert Cones. I love them. They are only 1/2 a point each. Marshmallow and sherbert in a cone with hundreds and thousands. They are a great sugar fix for me after tea and they are quite filling. Not chocolate, but still yummy! Must be Wizz Fizz. Beware of imitations!


Anne said...

Love reading your blog! You are always so refreshing. Thanks for the comments on mine. How long did it take you to master the bike? I was a bit scary but will try again minus an audience!

Well done on mastering maintaining your weight! You are doing really well and you must be thrilled with how you are coping.

M said...

Well done on maintaining. That is the art we will all have to learn and it is great following the ones that have done it..

Have a great weekend :)

Jodie said...

Hi Suzy,
Thanks for leaving those all inspiring comments on my blog. They are very encouraging. You are right though - what ever works for you is best and won't always work for everyone. That's the art - finding the balance!! Have a great weekend.

Leighanne said...

...slow me just noticed that you are in Tassie, that is where hubby's family is from! (The niece that is here at the moment too.)
So whereabouts are you - hubby's family are in hobart and launcesten :)

michelle said...

I must try those sherbert cones. I need sugar fixes that are low points. Thanks. It is good to know you are maintaining with up to 26 points. Hope for the future! Thanks also for your support on my blog.