01 June 2005

Poor little Mitsie

Poor little Mitsie (our cat) had her "operation" yesterday. It was safer for her to have it cause she is mainly an outdoor cat and we don't want her to have lots of kittens. She was quite stunned when she came home at 5.30pm last night and I placed her gently in her soft warm bed. I placed her food and water near her and left her for the night. This morning she was still where I left her and still looked stunned. I felt so sorry for her! She hadn't touched her food, and I only hope she had sipped at her water. I checked on her each hour through the day and at last this afternoon she looked a bit brighter. I put clean food in her bowl and she finally decided it was time to eat. She slowly licked at her food and looked at me with sad eyes as if to say "what have you done to me?". She wandered back to her basket and snuggled down again. I have been in contact with my daughter during the day to ask if she thought Mitsie would be O.K. She said "how would you feel if you had just had that operation? You wouldn't want to eat or associate with anyone or do anything for 6 weeks or so, so give her a chance. She will be O.K", and I am sure she is!

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Anne said...

I'm sure the cat will be o.k. - poor thing!