19 June 2005


I went to a smorgasbord dinner yesterday. At first, when I saw the vast array of delicious food I thought I would be in big trouble because I wouldn't be able to resist. But as I was choosing my food I found myself mentally working out the approximate points and leaving the really bad things where they were. Even if I chose something a bit naughty, when I went back to the table and actually started eating, I could only bring myself to have a tiny taste of that particular food and that was enough. I certainly ate lots more points than normal, but I didn't blow everything completely and I really enjoyed myself. Others who were with me couldn't resist saying "thought you were on a diet" and I just smiled and said "yes, a see food diet, whatever I see and I like I can eat". And it is true, this way of eating does become a true way of life and even though temptations are hard at times, it does become second nature if we want it to. It is all about choices.


Anne said...

Well done on coping with the smorgasbord dinner!! Not sure why but I hate when people say "I thought you were on a diet"!

Kate said...

Well done!! My husband and I have nicknamed our local smorgasboard chinese shop as 'orgasbo' (because their sign is fading at that part of the word sticks out). You did so well resisiting the really bad stuff!

Mary said...

Good going Suzy! I loev that we can look at food now and be able to work it out for ourselves, whether or not to eat it. Sounds like you had a good time.