25 June 2005

Underwear sale - what is it with Bras?

I decided to go and check out the underwear sales today. I have bought quite a few clothes lately and have been very pleased that things have fitted nicely, but today was a different story. What is it with BRA sizes? I can't believe the differences in the brands. They are all so tiny and most of them are so padded. Even though I have lost weight and fit comfortably into 10's or 12's in tops, I tried on lots of different bras from 12C, D DD, 14B, C,D and NONE of them fit properly. I haven't lost my boobs, but they are smaller and I am glad about that, but I felt horrible and ugly today. I did hear another woman talking to her daughter and saying she couldn't believe how sizes differ, so I wasn't the only one having trouble. A young girl was buying one from Bra's and Things and it was padded with water or something. She was very excited about it, but all I wanted was a decent, nice fitting, pretty bra.
In the end I gave up and will continue wearing my bigger ones until I feel in a better mood to cope with the trauma of it all.


Mary said...

I went through this exact same thing the other week! I ended up buying a Bendon Tshirt Bra which is a great support and my *usual* size. Bendon seem to keep the right sizing. I really need to get a sports bra though but can't find one that fits. Very frustrating. I found I had to go a few times to get in the mood to deal with the wonky sizing. I don't like the padded bras. Good luck with your next trip!

M said...

That just stinks. I now have one good sports bra that I bought at an "undie party" but that is a 38DD (16DD). But I am now comfortably in a 16D in another brand but have to still wear 18's in another.. Aarrgh.

The best thing I ever did was to grab a lady near the bra fitting rooms and ask to be fitted, then asked her to tell me what that meant in different brands. When I get smaller I'll be doing that again. Then cutting all the labels out ;)

Hope you have a more successful trip next time.

Glenys said...

I just bought a new Berlei bra. It wasn't on sale $49.95 Myer. I heard a lady say to her friend "that this bra was so comfortable". I love it and I would have bought more but they had sold out in my size. I forget the name but the style no. is Y250N. Worth a look at for comfort. I ended up wearing it out of the change rooms and threw my old bra I was wearing in the bin at the shopping centre. My DD thought I was insane but there is nothing like a comfortable bra. The sales assistant said they come on sale occasionally for $39.95.