29 July 2005

Soon be Spring

I picked some daffodils yesterday, so that means Spring will soon be here. Time to dust ourselves off and look forward to Summer.

Changing the subject, I sent away some tokens on the Glad Bake packet and received a little recipe book and tips on using Glad Bake. It is really quite a nice little book. I didn't realise you can use Glad Bake on the barbecue when cooking marinated food to stop sticking and burning. I also didn't know it could be used in George. I also didn't know it could be used to line a frying pan to cook a zucchini slice.
I will be trying out all these new ideas soon.
I have always used it in the oven and lined cake tins with it and love it for that, so I am sure I will love trying it elsewhere.

(Dear Daughter is out of hospital and has started her long road to recovery. Thank you all once again for thinking of us).

28 July 2005

Quick update

Thankyou all so much for your kind messages and thoughts.

My Dear Daughter's operation is thankfully over. There were a few complications with her health after the op, but she is much better now. Yesterday was quite a bad day and her hip is much more painful than her shoulder, but hopefully she will improve each day.
It is not very common to have to operate on broken collarbones, she has just been one of the unlucky ones. At least now she will have full use of her arm back.

Thanks again, I really do appreciate your comments.

26 July 2005

My Dear Daughter

My dear Daughter has to have an operation to repair a badly broken collarbone today. It has been broken for seven months. The Doctor wanted to wait and see if it would heal, but "blind Freddie" would have been able to tell from the xray that there was no way it was going to. The bones were completely broken and almost crossed over!
Anyway today she has to have a bone graft from her hip to her collarbone and pins put in. I am extremely worried about her. She is being very brave. She has a wonderful helpful husband and three very good children, so she is lucky in that respect. She is a full-time teacher, so she has had a lot of work to do to prepare for leaving her classes for a couple of weeks. Even when she goes back to work, she will be in a sling for weeks. I will help her as much as I can of course, but it won't be easy for her.
Broken collarbones always seem to be a minor injury in football, but they can certainly be very nasty and we don't realise how much we move that bone in most things we do.

24 July 2005

Very poor effort

I had a very poor effort today with steps - 6,404.

It was Mother-in-law's 74th Birthday and Grand-mother-in-law's 92nd Birthday so we went out to lunch and I could only manage to fit in 6,404 steps.

I will have to make a better effort tomorrow.

My daughter and I are the same difference in age, so I was thinking during our lunch that I hope we manage to be as fit and healthy as my in-law's at that age!

23 July 2005

Stepping well - no weight loss

Thank goodness for the Winter Walking Challenge.

I think that maybe if I hadn't been walking so much the last few weeks I may have put on weight, because I have walked so many steps and haven't lost any weight at all. I am maintaining though, so that's good. I have been eating more food too because as we all know during Winter we feel like comforting casseroles and lots of nice soups. Even though I have been having low point soups, I have been eating nice muffins with the soup.

I am so looking forward to Spring and Summer though and salads and Summer fruits.

I walked today and did a 30 minute session on the tramp, so my steps were 10,279, so that's OK.

Most people tend to put on a couple of kilos over Winter and the Winter Walking Challenge has hopefuly prevented that, so I am glad I am doing it. Hopefully once the challenge ends my extra walking will be a habit that I maintain.

21 July 2005


"Find a penny
pick it up
and all day
you'll have good luck"

Well it goes something like that anyway.

I didn't sleep well at all last night and really didn't feel like going for a walk. I decided to make myself go and half way round the block I saw something shining in the grass. It was a $2 coin! How lucky. I picked it up and went on my way. Instead of looking at the lovely day and the lovely scenery I kept my eyes down looking for more lucky coins! What a nut! I nearly ran into a telegraph pole! Anyway I happened to walk past the pet shop on my way back and decided to see if they had any fighting fish. Yes I found Edward. He is lovely. Dark Blue and almost black. I put another $6.95 with the $2 coin and bought him. Sorry, I didn't give the $2 to charity, but I will give Edward a good home and I am sure he will be happy that I saved him from pet shop life. He is my lucky fish!

Steps are down today. Only 7,859 but I did extra yesterday and I am very tired today, so I won't be doing many more today.

20 July 2005

Internet not working again

My internet wasn't working from 3.30pm yesterday until today. I was so lost! Tried to phone them last night but ended up with "phone rage" after waiting so long so I hung up. Apparently it was down for a while, but when it came back on my modem didn't reset itself. I phoned Bigpond this morning and thankfully they worked it out.

Went for a long walk yesterday so my steps were quite good. Only half way there today so far, so not sure how I will go. Went for a walk this morning and it is such a beautiful day. Spring bulbs are starting to pop up in places and the sun is shining. I better not get too excited though, cause winter isn't over yet.

We are going to have a deck built on our house after the bathroom is finished. I can't wait. It is quite a small house and a deck (with a roof) would give me so much extra space. It will give us nice mountain views too, not as good as having water views, but nearly.

18 July 2005

Cooking again

I made some yummy Curried Corn and Zucchini soup today and some Mini Spring Rolls. Recipes are in my recipe blog. Sorry about the dash of this and dash of that, but that is how I cook. Never too formal and lots of mess. I use a different spoon or knife every time I do anything and make so much washing up. Don't have a dishwasher either so I really annoy myself. Anyway I get tidied up eventually!

Steps were 8250 today. Didn't make the 10,000, will have to try harder tomorrow!

Can't believe two weeks have finished of the 8 week winter walking challenge!

Found a nature reserve

Dear husband and I went for a long walk yesterday. We walked all around our usual streets and then cut across a street we don't usually walk along. Half way along we saw a sign to a nature reserve. We couldn't believe it. It was a whole parcel of pretty trees and little streams that had been made into a reserve that we didn't even know existed! It was so pretty. Now we know it is there we will load up our picnic backpack and go for a picnic there when the weather gets warmer.
We lived in Newcastle for a year (4 years ago), DH was transferred there with his work, and we were amazed at the amount of people picnicing all the time there. The weather was much warmer than here though. People here only tend to go out in the parks in summer.
Anyway my steps were 10,878 yesterday even though I didn't jog on my tramp, so I was pleased about that.

16 July 2005

Dove Beauty Bar

I always use Dove beauty bars. Today I ran out and had a shower with ordinary soap. Consequently my hands are like sand paper and the rest of my skin is flaking off. I tell dear husband that I am very delicate and I must be!

Steps are 11,691 today and that will do. Did a long session on the tramp this morning and then we walked everywhere trying to find the right vanity basin. Chose one and also taps and lamipanel so that is good. Now we just have to wait for it to be done.

Thankyou all for your comments about Charles. I know he was only a fish, but when you look after something every day for that long it is sad when they go.

Made some small meringues this morning and another light mars bar slice. Unfortunately I think the more sweet things I try the more I like them. I once only likes savoury things. Oh well as long as I eat them in MODERATION!!!!

Twice as much exercise this week and I did not lose any weight. Guess I must really be at my ideal weight.

Where is this month's Slimming Magazine? It was due in the shops on Wednesday and still isn't here? Is it just Tasmania or everywhere? I am hanging out for some motivation.

15 July 2005


I lost my friend Charles last night. He was my Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splendens). This photo wasn't him because my photo wouldn't load, but this one looks a lot like him. I have had him for nearly 3 years! When I tried to buy one the pet shop lady wouldn't let me because she said they don't survive without a tank with a heater. I went to another pet shop and bought Charles and he has been living happily in a small glass tank on my mantlepiece ever since. They are very interesting fish. You can't put them in a tank together because the males fight to the death. Males also blow tiny sticky bubbles at the top of the tank which they make into a nest to look after the female's eggs once she lays them. Unfortunately Charles never saw a female, but he happily made nests quite often. The males then look after the eggs until they hatch. Sounds like a great idea to me!

Anyway I am very sad about his passing. I still have William. He lives on the other end of the mantlepiece and is a year or so younger than Charles. He is red and green. Hopefully he will be OK.

My steps were 10,239 by tea time. I made Chow Mein with rice for tea. I love sultanas in it but I have to add them to mine after it is cooked, cause dear husband doesn't like them.

I am having my bathroom renovated soon so will spend the weekend looking at vanity basins and tiles or lamipanel. It will be great to get rid of the old. Trouble is every time you improve part of an older house something else looks like it needs updating.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

14 July 2005

Price tags

We went out to tea last night at the Casino for our wedding anniversary. Of course I wore my new jeans (the ones with the black beads on them). We had a nice tea and a nice time. Actually it was the first time I have been to the "ladies" there and looked in their full length mirror and not said to myself "you need to lose weight"! That was such a surprise. It was a pity though that I didn't look at my backside as I had left the price tag on my jeans and it was dangling! (And we all know that they were bargain priced jeans!). Luckily I wore my new jacket too so I don't think too much was visible, but how embarrassing!!!! Obviously dear husband doesn't check out my butt too often these days or he would have noticed!

Steps were 8,345 yesterday so I had better get walking today. Need to go and find mother-in-law a birthday present so that should help. No I won't be shopping for me!! I promise.

13 July 2005

Exercise does improve posture

I am sure that since I started exercising my posture has improved dramatically. I wish I had taken before and after profile photos. When I was working I spent a lot of time bent over a desk and a computer. I was developing a real "dowager's hump". It is now so much improved and my back is a lot straighter. Yay for exercise and more calcium!!!

I made some sausage rolls this morning. Two of my littlies are coming for the day today and they love sausage rolls. (recipe is in my recipe blog).

I have jogged earlier and may have to do another session tonight as I may not get out for a walk because it is too drizzly to take them out today. May be a bit short on steps today - we will see.

12 July 2005

Sales and more sales

Parked the car way out of town today and walked in! By the time I got back my 10,000 steps were up. Very pleased with that. I nearly froze though because I forgot to wear my scarf and gloves so I bought a pair of $2 gloves to wear on the way back. Very warm and cosy.

I didn't mean to do much shopping. Just had to get a couple of essentials. BUT there are so many sales on! I almost thought I was in Melbourne or Sydney - well almost!! Usually we don't get many bargains here but today there were lots. I just couldn't go past a jacket (browny tweed, not the tatty one I don't like them, but quite fashionable all the same and vintage look), two tops and a pair of jeans with black beads on them. All for under $80!!!!!!!!!! The jacket alone was $80 originally, so I figure I can tell dear husband that I have saved SOOOOO much. (I think that excuse is wearing a bit thin though). That is the only disadvantage of not working - no extra money - oh well, I think we manage on whatever we get - earn more, spend more.
I have been a bit naughty though. Anyway it was fun!!!!!!!

Had subway for lunch - turkey and salad on a round roll, no cheese and a diet coke. It was so yummy. I haven't had it for ages. I was amazed it only cost $5 the lot. I was impressed that they have brochures with the nutritional info of all their food. Doesn't take much to amuse me - you can see I don't get out much!

Steps now 13,097 after a walk to the post office after coming home so that's it for today.

11 July 2005

Another beautiful day

It has been another beautiful day today. I have been for two long walks. One this morning in the frost and one later in the warm sunshine. I have a beef and red wine casserole cooking in the slow cooker and the smell is driving me nuts. I love the slow cooker but it is a bad idea to cook when I am home cause the smell makes me extra hungry.

I made some choc banana ice pops today. Very yummy. Still practising for summer.

Steps are nearly up to 10,000, so will be by the time I sit down tonight. I am lucky I am not working at the moment because, as others have said, it would be hard to get the 10,000 in every day otherwise. I didn't jog on the tramp today, thought two longs walks would be a change instead.

I have finished knitting two cushions covers at last. Between blogging and walking my knitting has been very slow (like the ironing) Can't show a photo because they are black and they don't show up well in the photos. They look quite nice though as my new heater is black and I have a few other black accents in the lounge.

Will start another scarf now as I found some nice black/brown/grey ostrich type yarn which I will knit with black. (I seem to have a thing about black, but it doesn't date does it). When I lost weight I tried to buy more colourful clothes but black does suit me and I have gradually bought a few new black things. Will try not to get too many.

I am rattling on a bit so I will go and make some herb and garlic bread to have with the casserole.

10 July 2005


I bought some more herbs. A larger rosemary, oregano, a 4 seasons basil/mint mixture,marjoram, parsley, and tyme. I seem to pick them faster than they grow, so I must give these time to get bigger.

10,005 steps today and I can't walk another step. I have taken off the pedometer as I will only be walking to serve up the chicken and then after tea walking to the couch and staying there till bed time. It has been a beautiful sunny day and it is great to be alive!

Toned legs - more muscle?

Sue on her 1st Birthday (1957)

10,330 steps yesterday. All this walking is toning my legs more. Not losing any weight. I guess my leg muscles are getting bigger instead, but that is OK. At least my knees may lose some of their fat that has been there since I was a baby! All my toddler photos show "beef to the ankles".

Made the yoghurt pops and they are very nice, but will be nicer on a hot summer's day! Bit cold at the moment for icy things. (photo in recipe blog - that red straw thing sticking out is for catching the melted pops, will be great for the kidlets instead of drips on their clothes).

Dear husband is off to the footy today to watch his team (Hawthorn) and Adelaide Crows at Aurora stadium (Launceston). I haven't seen a big game here, but we were talking to some "mainland" fans last night and they said they like Aurora stadium better than the MCG! (Melbourne). Maybe smaller? I think the MCG has great atmosphere. By the way, he won his half marathon (he was the only one in it!), but he was pleased with his time, so that's all that matters.

Cooking a roast chicken in George tonight. I will never buy a cooked chicken again after tasting George's chicken. Delicious! In fact all the roasts I have tried have been so nice. I only have a small George and 1/2 a leg of lamb cooks beautifully or 1 chicken. When I cooked the lamb I made big slits in it and poked in garlic and rosemary (saw Jamie Oliver do it once) and it was so nice. Even the next day sliced cold it was delish.

We ate out last night and the roast meat was so greasy (yuck!). George really spoils you from enjoying meat cooked other ways.

Going to the nursery today to look for some healthy herb plants. May even walk there - 6kms round trip - maybe not!

08 July 2005

On track but very tired

10,692 steps today, but I am very tired tonight. I also "winter" cleaned the bedrooms today so I think I have overdone it. Anyway tomorrow is another day.

Guess what! I have always really wanted to learn to scuba dive! Bit scary if there is a chance of going deaf though. I am deaf enough already!

Dear husband decided to make himself a pizza tonight so I had a sachet of thai sweet chilli tuna (greenseas only 1 1/2 points and very yummy) with some pasta. He is running a half marathon tomorrow and he says pizza helps him through. I would need more than pizza! I will go for a walk instead.

I am going to buy some icy pole moulds tomorrow (if I can find some). I have decided that the fruit smoothie that I make would be lovely frozen, so I will practise freezing some before summer. Yum! Of course I will post a photo if they turn out OK.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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    07 July 2005

    Black olive and rosemary muffins

    I made some pumpkin soup and black olive and rosemary muffins for lunch. Yummo! I have put the recipe for the muffins on my recipe blog. My poor rosemary plant has seen better days. I need to wait for a nice day and get some more herb plants and tidy up my herb garden. The only time I touch the garden. Dear husband does the rest. I hate gardening! I tell him the outside of the house is his and the inside is mine.

    I haven't had any broadband all morning! Phoned telstra and a recorded lady told me that Tasmania was out for who knows how long. It just came on (1.20pm) so I am making the most of it now while it lasts.

    The electricity men finally came this morning and connected my new mains. That means I can cook, listen to music, play on my puter, do the washing and drying and have the heater on all at the same time. Thank goodness.

    I have clocked up 8,000 steps so far, so by the time I go down to the shops to see if Slimming magazine is in yet it should be 10,000+. This is actually easier than I thought it would be. I haven't officially joined the Walking with Attitude site, but I printed out the forms and will record my steps anyway just for myself. So far so good. Hope everyone else is stepping along happily!

    06 July 2005

    On track with my steps

    My new Omron pedometer Posted by Picasa

    Thanks for all your tips on pedometers. I went to the chemist today and bought an OMRON pedometer. It only counts steps, not distance, but it is a good brand. I have an Omron BP monitor and that is accurate, so thought I would try it. It was $19.95. You don't have to program your step length in either so it is very easy. That's what I need - easy. It also has large numbers and, as I'm getting blind as a bat without my glasses, that helps. Dear husband knows the distances of all our walks as he measures his runs, so it wasn't crucial that I had distance on it. I have clocked up 10,000 steps today again with two walks - one for the pedometer and one for some Trevalla for tea and 30 minutes on my tramp early this morning. I also "winter" cleaned the lounge room, moving everything - felt very satisfied after that. Wonder if exercising 7 days a week will show on the scales? I usually have one or two days off. We'll see.

    I have added my Easy baked fish recipe to Sue's favourite recipes blog.

    05 July 2005

    Not happy with my pedometer

    I am really not happy with my pedometer. I never have been really. It is a WW one and I don't feel it has every been very accurate. I now remember why I don't use it much. I was really excited when I first bought it but that soon faded. Of course it is too late now to get a refund, but I think I will just send it back to them and tell them that it is no good and they can keep it.
    It worked OK this morning when I jogged on the tramp. I decided to go for a longer walk this afternoon and when I arrived home I excitedly looked to check how many steps. NONE. ZERO. ZILCH!!!!! I was so annoyed. It had decided to go back to zero by itself. I can only guess that I have done 10,000 steps today cause I walked much further than yesterday.
    I will now have to invest in a new pedometer, but I am really wary about which brand to buy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I have added my Beef Lasagne recipe to SUE'S FAVOURITE RECIPES Blog.

    10,000 steps

    Well I made my 10,000 steps yesterday. 30 minutes jogging on my tramp and then a long walk to the supermarket as well as lots of walking up and down steps at home. KFC is near the supermarket and the smells wafting from there made me very hungry, but I resisted. I have decided that if I go for a long walk every day I will be able to meet the challenge. If it is too rainy I will do two sessions on the tramp instead of one.

    I just have to say how wonderful
  • Margaret

  • looks. She should be so proud of herself. She is an inspiration.

    04 July 2005

    Tracking sheet

    I was trying to add a link to my new tracking sheet I just created for myself. Thought I would scan it and take a photo as I can't add it as a link. I will print these out and use them for a change from my notebook tracker.
    I am also upping my exercise for July and August. I have a pedometer but haven't used it for ages. I am going to wear it each day and make sure I take more steps. (Thanks Mary for putting in the link to Walking with attitude. I won't officially join but I will take up the challenge).
    By then it will be September and Spring and the weather will be improving and we will be looking forward to Summer and salads and barbys.

    02 July 2005

    Bacon cooked in George

    Dear husband and I only eat breakfast together on Saturday mornings as he goes to work really early during the week. I usually cook eggs and bacon. I always grill the bacon in the griller in the stove and now just have a small piece myself with the rind cut off. He, on the other hand, loves the crispy crunchy rind and eats lots of it. Today I decided to grill the bacon in George. The bacon was delicious and as the rind was softer dear husband cut it off and didn't eat it. I thought it would be the last time I would be able to cook bacon more healthily, but he actually liked the flavour better and said maybe he shouldn't really be eating the rind anyway it is too fattening! I can't believe it! I will be able to buy rindless, less fatty bacon. I have always had to make a point of not mentioning that things may be healthy or lower in fat than we used to eat. I think he is actually getting slowly converted!! (Shhhhhh! Don't tell him).

    01 July 2005

    Half the year has gone

    It is hard to believe that half the year has gone already. I can remember being quite happy with myself on New Year's Eve feeling slimmer in a new dress and, although I was quite a few kilos away from my goal at that stage, I was feeling better and losing weight each week. I wanted to reach goal weight before May (my birthday) and I did.
    This blog is helping me keep motivated to stay at my goal weight. It makes me feel more accountable and makes me more determined to stay on track.
    It is great to be able to share feelings and thoughts along the way and offer encouragement to others and be encouraged.
    It will be interesting to see where and how we all are in six month's time on New Year's Day 2006.