11 July 2005

Another beautiful day

It has been another beautiful day today. I have been for two long walks. One this morning in the frost and one later in the warm sunshine. I have a beef and red wine casserole cooking in the slow cooker and the smell is driving me nuts. I love the slow cooker but it is a bad idea to cook when I am home cause the smell makes me extra hungry.

I made some choc banana ice pops today. Very yummy. Still practising for summer.

Steps are nearly up to 10,000, so will be by the time I sit down tonight. I am lucky I am not working at the moment because, as others have said, it would be hard to get the 10,000 in every day otherwise. I didn't jog on the tramp today, thought two longs walks would be a change instead.

I have finished knitting two cushions covers at last. Between blogging and walking my knitting has been very slow (like the ironing) Can't show a photo because they are black and they don't show up well in the photos. They look quite nice though as my new heater is black and I have a few other black accents in the lounge.

Will start another scarf now as I found some nice black/brown/grey ostrich type yarn which I will knit with black. (I seem to have a thing about black, but it doesn't date does it). When I lost weight I tried to buy more colourful clothes but black does suit me and I have gradually bought a few new black things. Will try not to get too many.

I am rattling on a bit so I will go and make some herb and garlic bread to have with the casserole.


Mary said...

You are doing so well with all the walking! And how about all this cooking you are doing!? I am so tempted to jump on a plane and visit LOL.

Emily said...

The black cushion covers sound cool! I was just telling my mum on the weekend how bored I am with my couch and the lumpy cushions with pilling all over them - could be just the ticket!!!

Anne said...

Wished I had you cooking for us here!

Great effort with the walking!

Jodie said...

Your right - It's very hard to get the steps happening when you work full-time. I'd love to make some casseroles for winter but I don't have long enough when I get home. Keep up the good work. XX

M said...

Stop it woman. I read in the morning and now I am so hungry. Will have to fight tempatation to go an get a choc banana paddle pop now ;). You are doing so well on your walking and I agree with you. I have found it hard to get enough steps in as I spend so much time sitting on my tail. But I am determined to get my average back up to 10,000 so will find a way. Am currently hunting for a mini-tramp that doesn't cost an arm and a leg so may hunt through some garage sales on the weekend. Have a great day. :)