15 July 2005


I lost my friend Charles last night. He was my Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splendens). This photo wasn't him because my photo wouldn't load, but this one looks a lot like him. I have had him for nearly 3 years! When I tried to buy one the pet shop lady wouldn't let me because she said they don't survive without a tank with a heater. I went to another pet shop and bought Charles and he has been living happily in a small glass tank on my mantlepiece ever since. They are very interesting fish. You can't put them in a tank together because the males fight to the death. Males also blow tiny sticky bubbles at the top of the tank which they make into a nest to look after the female's eggs once she lays them. Unfortunately Charles never saw a female, but he happily made nests quite often. The males then look after the eggs until they hatch. Sounds like a great idea to me!

Anyway I am very sad about his passing. I still have William. He lives on the other end of the mantlepiece and is a year or so younger than Charles. He is red and green. Hopefully he will be OK.

My steps were 10,239 by tea time. I made Chow Mein with rice for tea. I love sultanas in it but I have to add them to mine after it is cooked, cause dear husband doesn't like them.

I am having my bathroom renovated soon so will spend the weekend looking at vanity basins and tiles or lamipanel. It will be great to get rid of the old. Trouble is every time you improve part of an older house something else looks like it needs updating.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Danatasia said...

That's really sad. Hugs. I hate losing pets, no matter what you tell yourself, they are part of your family.

I hope your day gets better and you have a great weekend too.

Anne said...

Snap Sue - I did just over 10,200 steps as well! Sorry to hear about Charles.

M said...

So sorry for your loss. It is very hard when you have had a pet for such a long time. How funny that the guys look after the eggs. Should be that way :)

I just had a look at your side bar, at your winter challenge stats. How impressive. You are doing so well. I am really struggling to get mine to 10,000 so it will be mini-tramp or bust this weekend. I have to go further afield as the K-mart and Rebel sports that I tried don't have them in stock. But I will track one down :)

I hope you have a great day. Give William a big fish kiss from me x

Leighanne said...

What a shame about Charles - looks like a great fish, now you will have get another friend for William!!

Good luck with your bathroom shopping - I love renovating:)

missjesse said...

Sorry about Charles :( I recently lost two goldfish within a week of each other. And I can't say I have ever seen siamese fighters in tanks with heaters. You should have just said you have one.
Have fun looking at new bathroom stuff!

A Girl Running said...

aww poor charles =(

It's amazing how they male looks after the eggs and very fascinating

hope you have a lovely weekend too

Mary said...

Aww, sorry to hear about Charles. It is really hard losing pets. I really like Fighting Fish as well. My boss at the record store bought everyone a FF for their desk. They are so pretty! I hope you have feel better tomorrow. Sounds like a big weekend planned.

Kate said...

Thats so sad! Pets are always a part of the family wether they be fish, birds, cats, dogs. :-)