16 July 2005

Dove Beauty Bar

I always use Dove beauty bars. Today I ran out and had a shower with ordinary soap. Consequently my hands are like sand paper and the rest of my skin is flaking off. I tell dear husband that I am very delicate and I must be!

Steps are 11,691 today and that will do. Did a long session on the tramp this morning and then we walked everywhere trying to find the right vanity basin. Chose one and also taps and lamipanel so that is good. Now we just have to wait for it to be done.

Thankyou all for your comments about Charles. I know he was only a fish, but when you look after something every day for that long it is sad when they go.

Made some small meringues this morning and another light mars bar slice. Unfortunately I think the more sweet things I try the more I like them. I once only likes savoury things. Oh well as long as I eat them in MODERATION!!!!

Twice as much exercise this week and I did not lose any weight. Guess I must really be at my ideal weight.

Where is this month's Slimming Magazine? It was due in the shops on Wednesday and still isn't here? Is it just Tasmania or everywhere? I am hanging out for some motivation.


Anonymous said...


Slimming mag isn't due out until this coming Wed 20th. Check the add in last issue page 82. Thats why you can't find it :)


M said...

Ah, well Karen answered that question. Well done to the Cats for beating the Power (stoooopid team I follow) Your DH must be happy. And well done on maintaining yet again. All this walking must be what it takes to counter any extra cooking you are doing. Well done Suzy. Hope you have a great Sunday :)

Slim Suzy said...

Oh, the local newsagent told me Slimming was due on the 13th. He was very naughty!

Danatasia said...

Isn't normal soap horrible stuff? I can't use it at all else I get eczema all over and itch chronically.

That is an awesome number of steps, you are doing so well with this challenge :)

michelle said...

Your body obviously likes the weight you are at. Must feel good. Those meringues and slice sound yummy. I am going to make some as a reward if i am good all week.

Mary said...

Well done for maintaining Suzy. You really are an inspriration to know that when you get to goal, you can still succeed! I hate normal soap too.

Leighanne said...

I suscribe and I recieved mine today - naughty me read it instead of doing exercise:)

A Girl Running said...

I love dove. I use the exfoliating soap.

It just goes to show how good it is if real soap has done that for you

I can't find slimming yet either