21 July 2005


"Find a penny
pick it up
and all day
you'll have good luck"

Well it goes something like that anyway.

I didn't sleep well at all last night and really didn't feel like going for a walk. I decided to make myself go and half way round the block I saw something shining in the grass. It was a $2 coin! How lucky. I picked it up and went on my way. Instead of looking at the lovely day and the lovely scenery I kept my eyes down looking for more lucky coins! What a nut! I nearly ran into a telegraph pole! Anyway I happened to walk past the pet shop on my way back and decided to see if they had any fighting fish. Yes I found Edward. He is lovely. Dark Blue and almost black. I put another $6.95 with the $2 coin and bought him. Sorry, I didn't give the $2 to charity, but I will give Edward a good home and I am sure he will be happy that I saved him from pet shop life. He is my lucky fish!

Steps are down today. Only 7,859 but I did extra yesterday and I am very tired today, so I won't be doing many more today.


Leighanne said...

welcome to edward :)
He will be happy to be away from 'pet shop life'

michelle said...

He is lucky to have found a loving home. And as he was a product of your walking he should be called Edward the slimming fish instead of the fighting fish.

M said...

LOL at nearly walking into the telegraph pole. I did that to a bollard once, my poor knee has never been the same since :)

Hi Edward. Welcome to Suzy's world. Which is kind of like Elmo's world, but then you would be a goldfish called Dorothy..

You still are amazing with your stepping Suzy. :)

Me said...

I am sure that Edward will be very happy with you as his Mom - you are a very special person and deserve to have nice things to look at !
Take care, be good and keep up the steps - you are an inspiration to all !

Danatasia said...

He is gorgeous :)

Mary said...

You crack me up Suzy! Love the photo of Edward too, he's beautiful :-)

Jaykay said...

What a beautiful fish. We know you'll take good care of him.

And I know what it's like when you're feeling tired. Relax and have a bit of a break. It'll do you good!

missjesse said...

they really are beautiful fish aren't they? Do you purposely name them after royals?

Slim Suzy said...
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A Girl Running said...

wow - he is just gorgeous too

Kate said...

He's gorgeous - what a great colour!

Rachel said...

My oh my - Edward is such a lovely looking fish! What kind of fish is he?

Slim Suzy said...

Jesse: I don't name them after Royals on purpose but I do like the names. I am a bit of a Royalist!
I don't think names like Flipper or Marvin or Dorian suit them.
Rachel: He is a Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splendens). Very easy to look after as the water quality doesn't affect them as much as other fish. They seem to be a lot more hardy than goldfish but you can only keep the males in a tank by themselves due to their fighting nature. Females aren't as pretty.

missjesse said...

Well I guess being an elegant fish they do deserve a name of elegant nature. Your so right flipper wouldn't suit!