13 July 2005

Exercise does improve posture

I am sure that since I started exercising my posture has improved dramatically. I wish I had taken before and after profile photos. When I was working I spent a lot of time bent over a desk and a computer. I was developing a real "dowager's hump". It is now so much improved and my back is a lot straighter. Yay for exercise and more calcium!!!

I made some sausage rolls this morning. Two of my littlies are coming for the day today and they love sausage rolls. (recipe is in my recipe blog).

I have jogged earlier and may have to do another session tonight as I may not get out for a walk because it is too drizzly to take them out today. May be a bit short on steps today - we will see.


Mary said...

Naughty Suzy, you did it again! I just ate and could eat again now because I can smell your sausgae rolls, yummo :-) I agree with you about posture, exercising certainly helps you stand taller.

Rachel said...

you know... here I'm sitting with my spine really curved and my shoulders hunched forward! (Pull yourself up, Rachel!!!)

M said...

LOL at Rachel because as I read your post I sat up straighter too!. Thanks for that gentle reminder. And even though Mary can't spell (sausgae indeed) I now have a hankering for some sausage rolls as well. I am going to put a link directly to your recipe haven from my site. For inspiration of course :)

Mary said...

Haha...I gave up on correcting my mistakes. I need to type so fast, to be able to fit all this blogging into my life ;-)