01 July 2005

Half the year has gone

It is hard to believe that half the year has gone already. I can remember being quite happy with myself on New Year's Eve feeling slimmer in a new dress and, although I was quite a few kilos away from my goal at that stage, I was feeling better and losing weight each week. I wanted to reach goal weight before May (my birthday) and I did.
This blog is helping me keep motivated to stay at my goal weight. It makes me feel more accountable and makes me more determined to stay on track.
It is great to be able to share feelings and thoughts along the way and offer encouragement to others and be encouraged.
It will be interesting to see where and how we all are in six month's time on New Year's Day 2006.


Mary said...

I love reading your blog Suzy. You show me that staying at goal is doable and that you still enjoy it! I also love the fact that you are happy with *you* now. I was thinking, will I get crazy and keep wanting to lose weight when I get to goal? I hope not. You are a great inspiration. Have a great weekend :-)

Anne said...

Mary is right - you are an inspiration to us all! I think deep down a few of us are worried about what happens when we reach goal. You are showing us that maintaining can be done!

M said...

Where will I be..Hmmm.. Can I start saving 1 point per week now, and by the time New Years is here I will have saved 25 points so will be able to drink in a spectacular fashion? Didn't think so.

I am planning to be sexy, with my family, and as usual we will be at the Bowling Club watching the fireworks over the Harbour Bridge and I will be crying, because I always do when I see loads of families, and everyone is playing nice and it is beautiful.

Maybe I can squeeze in a couple of champers ;)

Great post Suzy. Hope you are having a fantastic day :)

Me said...

Great post Suzy - it's funny, we were just talking in the car (one of the times we were in the car while on holiday) saying about how quickly the year had gone and the fact that this time last year we were in NZ. It is so good to hear that others find the journals so inspirational - I definitely wouldn't have done as well as I have without the support I have received.
Take care and have a great weekend !