08 July 2005

I have been tagged.

I have been tagged by
  • Jaykay
  • so here goes:

    Three names I go by:

    Three screen names I've had:
    1. Seahorse
    2. Slimsuzy
    3. That's all

    Three physical things I like about myself:
    1. My shoulder blades
    2. My hands
    3. My eyes

    Three physical things I don't like about myself:
    1. My stomach
    2. My knees
    3. My toes

    Three parts of my heritage:
    1. Irish
    2. English
    3. Welsh

    Three things I am wearing right now:
    1. Pink Jama top with a mauve butterfly on front
    2. Pink and mauve striped jama trousers
    3. black moccasins

    Three favorite bands/musical artists:
    1. John Farnham
    2. Kenny Rogers
    3. Smokie

    Three favorite songs:
    1. Take Good Care of My Baby (Smokie)
    2. The Gambler (Kenny Rogers)
    3. Help me make it through the night (Elvis)

    Three things I want in a relationship:
    1. Love
    2. Understanding
    3. Honesty

    Two truths and a lie
    1. I became a grand-mother at 37
    2. I have always wanted to scuba dive
    3. I would love to travel overseas

    Three physical things about the preferred sex that appeal to you:
    1. Nice eyes
    2. Deep voice
    3. Cleanliness

    Three favorite hobbies:
    1. Making jewellery
    2. Blogging
    3. Knitting

    Three Things I want to do badly right now:
    1. Stay fit
    2. Eat
    3. Learn to sleep in more.

    Three things that scare me:
    1. Savage dogs
    2. My children getting sick.
    3. Dangerous driving

    Three of my everyday essentials:
    1. Shower
    2. Eye make-up
    3. Food and lots of it

    Three Careers you have considered or are considering:
    1. Chemist
    2. Teacher
    3. Florist

    Three places you want to go on vacation:
    1. Melbourne
    2. New Zealand
    3. Canada

    Three kids names you like:
    1. Corinne
    2. Simon
    3. Mark

    Three things you want to do before you die:
    1. Win money
    2. Have skinny legs
    3. Have a deck built

    Three ways I am stereotypically a boy:
    1. I hate ironing
    2. I like beer
    3. I like watching footy

    Three ways I am stereotypically a girl:
    1. Love to shop
    2. Love pretty things
    3. Love nice smells

    Three celeb crushes:
    1. celebs don't do much for me
    2. -
    3. -

    Now I get to tag 3 people so I choose:

  • Danatasia

  • Emily

  • Vix

    M said...

    I love the sound of your PJ's. Very swish... Mmm is the scuba-diving the lie. I can't believe so many girls like beer. Just can't get into it myself.

    I hope you have a wonderful day today :)

    Jaykay said...

    What a great list Suzy.

    Never was a beer drinker. Had a bad evening with beer and haven't touched it since.

    I'll get that recipe up soon.

    michelle said...

    I think scuba is your lie too. I did it and am 50% deaf in one ear as a result. My kids and DH loved it.

    Emily said...

    Yay, I love these lists so waited excitedly for a few days for someone to tag me, and then got hit twice within a few hours! Yay!

    Me said...

    Thanks for all the extra info - so good to find out more about all my on-line friends.
    Take care and have a great weekend !

    A Girl Running said...

    It's great to know more about you.....I am finding it amazing how many people are filling in this survery whilst wearing their pj's!

    That smokie song was my favourite as a child and I still sing it to my children.

    Mary said...

    Gran, Granny!? You don't look like one ;-) Thanks for sharing this. It's so cool to get to know each other a little better. And how different are well all. It's great! Have a great weekend Suzy :-)