20 July 2005

Internet not working again

My internet wasn't working from 3.30pm yesterday until today. I was so lost! Tried to phone them last night but ended up with "phone rage" after waiting so long so I hung up. Apparently it was down for a while, but when it came back on my modem didn't reset itself. I phoned Bigpond this morning and thankfully they worked it out.

Went for a long walk yesterday so my steps were quite good. Only half way there today so far, so not sure how I will go. Went for a walk this morning and it is such a beautiful day. Spring bulbs are starting to pop up in places and the sun is shining. I better not get too excited though, cause winter isn't over yet.

We are going to have a deck built on our house after the bathroom is finished. I can't wait. It is quite a small house and a deck (with a roof) would give me so much extra space. It will give us nice mountain views too, not as good as having water views, but nearly.


M said...

I love mountain views. Any views really. And a deck would be such a nice place to put the mini-tramp. Thanks for your kind thoughts. I am almost better now.

Hope you have had a lovely day and that the phone-rage incident didn't get you too down. :)

Jaykay said...

I love my deck. It goes around 2 sides of the house, one side where I can lay and sunbake and the other side where I can sit in the shade and watch all the birds in the trees.

I've got no patience when it comes to waiting on the phone. Glad that it's all worked out now!

A Girl Running said...

I noticed that any emails I send to friends at bigpond are taking days....must be some big problem they are having!

Karen said...

The deck sounds lovely especially on a beautiful sunny day. I could see you starting a mini gym there :)

Hope you were able to pick up your Slimming magazine today. I got mine and am totally inspired by all those finalists in the Slimmer of the Year.

Unfortunately they put the wrong internet address on there for people to vote, they left out the "au" on the end. If you want to check out their before/after pictures the addy is

Anne said...

Great about the deck. It is so good to have something like that to look forward to.

Mary said...

Isn't it funny to think, what did we do before the internet? I still read books BTW :-)

I can't wait for spring. You just reminded me of how all our area blooms with jasmine.

The deck sounds great! I love mountain views much better than water.

missjesse said...

I am so over winter as well! I wish spring would just come along the sunny weather is so much more motivating and it really lifts your mood. And I can't wait till the day I have my own house and we can build a deck amongst many other things (my boy is a carpenter!).

Danatasia said...

By the sounds of it your house is going to be wonderful when all this work is finished. I love mountain views, especially in winter when all the mist is around and everything looks surreal.