05 July 2005

Not happy with my pedometer

I am really not happy with my pedometer. I never have been really. It is a WW one and I don't feel it has every been very accurate. I now remember why I don't use it much. I was really excited when I first bought it but that soon faded. Of course it is too late now to get a refund, but I think I will just send it back to them and tell them that it is no good and they can keep it.
It worked OK this morning when I jogged on the tramp. I decided to go for a longer walk this afternoon and when I arrived home I excitedly looked to check how many steps. NONE. ZERO. ZILCH!!!!! I was so annoyed. It had decided to go back to zero by itself. I can only guess that I have done 10,000 steps today cause I walked much further than yesterday.
I will now have to invest in a new pedometer, but I am really wary about which brand to buy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have added my Beef Lasagne recipe to SUE'S FAVOURITE RECIPES Blog.


Anne said...

I gave away my WW pedometer to my daugher, it was not accurate and it rattled!! I went into a local sports shop and they recommended one at $29.95 which is just great.

michelle said...

Suzy I even bought a cheap $5 on efrom Priceline and it works.

Mello4me said...

I'll be interested in this request also, I have heard only bad reports about the WW one.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading an article about pedometers which said none of them are acurate as you have to set them to your stide and if they are not set right they are not acurate and others just stop recording for no reason ... that is why I have never spent the money on one. It said the $5 ones are just as bad as the $50 ones! So if you are going to buy one get a cheap one.

Am not a blogger but am trying to lose weight just wanted to say that you are an inspiration Suzy


Kate said...

My WW one was crap too, I'm afraid! I got one from rebel sports for $29.95 (NZ) and it's been fantastic so far. I've worn it every day for about 3-4 months and it's great. I don't really know what brand it is but it says 'Sportsline' on it, and it's really small and simple. It only counts steps or distance. Very easy to use!

Me said...

I think that is why I stopped using the WW pedometer as well - never seemed to be accurate no matter how I tried to adjust it. Good luck with getting a new one.
Take care and have a great day !

M said...

I bought one from Rebel Sports but have to return it as it will only increase when I take it off and shake it!!!

So I am wearing one that I got free years ago and after doing the pacing test I have got it where is is fairly reliable. I am doing a Winter Walking Challenge and I think the biggest challenge is remembering to put the pedometre on!

And, had to tell you, I spent hours last night creating a 2nd blog to house all my recipes on (taking that tip from you) and for some reason it duplicated and when I deleted the duplicated one I deleted the wrong one. D'oh. So in the next few weeks I will do this again and then I can put your recipes blog link on and have access to lots of yummy recipes.

Have a wonderful day :)

Kate said...

After saying how wonderful my pedometer was today - I went and dropped it in the loo didn't I?!! But... the good thing is, that is still works! So it really is wonderful after all!

Slim Suzy said...

Oh Kate how awful. Guess you found out the hard way that it is waterprooof!

Mary said...

Mmm, I found my WWs one to be good enough but THEN I went and dropped it on Wednesday and now it says that I've walked 2,000 steps in an hour. I know this is wrong. I think I'll be going to Rebel on the weekend and pay a liitle extra for a digital one. The only thing I'll miss is the points.