08 July 2005

On track but very tired

10,692 steps today, but I am very tired tonight. I also "winter" cleaned the bedrooms today so I think I have overdone it. Anyway tomorrow is another day.

Guess what! I have always really wanted to learn to scuba dive! Bit scary if there is a chance of going deaf though. I am deaf enough already!

Dear husband decided to make himself a pizza tonight so I had a sachet of thai sweet chilli tuna (greenseas only 1 1/2 points and very yummy) with some pasta. He is running a half marathon tomorrow and he says pizza helps him through. I would need more than pizza! I will go for a walk instead.

I am going to buy some icy pole moulds tomorrow (if I can find some). I have decided that the fruit smoothie that I make would be lovely frozen, so I will practise freezing some before summer. Yum! Of course I will post a photo if they turn out OK.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Leighanne said...

Good luck to your hubby for his half marathon!
You should find icypole mold in any $2 shop:)I have a cupboard full here..lol

dorioo said...

Can I have some of the smoothie? Thanks. I'm coming over.


michelle said...

Don't worrry about the deafness and scuba diving. It was a freak thing. If you really want to do itthen you should. It is beautiful under the water. We do a lot of snorkelling and I love the tropical fish and coral that you see. My kids have given us lots of laughs when we saw sharks and giant stingrays. Go for it.

Sue said...

Hmmmm, like the idea of that frozen smoothie...

Danatasia said...

Awesome re scuba diving, do keep us posted on how that goes :)