06 July 2005

On track with my steps

My new Omron pedometer Posted by Picasa

Thanks for all your tips on pedometers. I went to the chemist today and bought an OMRON pedometer. It only counts steps, not distance, but it is a good brand. I have an Omron BP monitor and that is accurate, so thought I would try it. It was $19.95. You don't have to program your step length in either so it is very easy. That's what I need - easy. It also has large numbers and, as I'm getting blind as a bat without my glasses, that helps. Dear husband knows the distances of all our walks as he measures his runs, so it wasn't crucial that I had distance on it. I have clocked up 10,000 steps today again with two walks - one for the pedometer and one for some Trevalla for tea and 30 minutes on my tramp early this morning. I also "winter" cleaned the lounge room, moving everything - felt very satisfied after that. Wonder if exercising 7 days a week will show on the scales? I usually have one or two days off. We'll see.

I have added my Easy baked fish recipe to Sue's favourite recipes blog.


Gayle said...

I have just joined a fantastic walking website - www.walkingwithattitude.com.au - highly recommended!!!! it has got me really motivated. I am a lifetime WW member, however now over my goal weight and needed something to kick start me again. Love you site Suzy! I have had a lot of trouble with my pedometer, so deceided to invest in a really good one and I have not looked back! Fantastic, great to have something that measures accruately - I can even run with it It cost me $NZ69.95! Sorry ladies I believe you get what you pay for.

Mello4me said...

That looks great and easy to read. I am going to invest in one soon!! I will been keen to see how you go this week with all you exercise, good on you.

M said...

Hey Suzy. That's the same brand I have. Mine is just all grey. I love the orange. And LOL at the big numbers. I love them.

I have joined the same site gayle talks about but I am doing it with my freeby pedometre and it is working fine.

Have a wonderful stepping day :)

Jaykay said...

I've got an all singing, all dancing pedometer, but you have to calculate your stride and enter it...hence I don't use it. And when I do set it up my daughter comes along and pushes all the buttons so I lose the settings anyway!!

My daughter got one out of a pack of Nutrigrain and I reckon that one works better than the expensive one I bought!!