12 July 2005

Sales and more sales

Parked the car way out of town today and walked in! By the time I got back my 10,000 steps were up. Very pleased with that. I nearly froze though because I forgot to wear my scarf and gloves so I bought a pair of $2 gloves to wear on the way back. Very warm and cosy.

I didn't mean to do much shopping. Just had to get a couple of essentials. BUT there are so many sales on! I almost thought I was in Melbourne or Sydney - well almost!! Usually we don't get many bargains here but today there were lots. I just couldn't go past a jacket (browny tweed, not the tatty one I don't like them, but quite fashionable all the same and vintage look), two tops and a pair of jeans with black beads on them. All for under $80!!!!!!!!!! The jacket alone was $80 originally, so I figure I can tell dear husband that I have saved SOOOOO much. (I think that excuse is wearing a bit thin though). That is the only disadvantage of not working - no extra money - oh well, I think we manage on whatever we get - earn more, spend more.
I have been a bit naughty though. Anyway it was fun!!!!!!!

Had subway for lunch - turkey and salad on a round roll, no cheese and a diet coke. It was so yummy. I haven't had it for ages. I was amazed it only cost $5 the lot. I was impressed that they have brochures with the nutritional info of all their food. Doesn't take much to amuse me - you can see I don't get out much!

Steps now 13,097 after a walk to the post office after coming home so that's it for today.


Jodie said...

Subway is nice but lately I prefer the McDonalds Deli Choice Rolls. A little bigger than a 6" and nicer I think. Good for a change anyway. Glad you had fun shopping - Retail therapy!! XX

Leighanne said...

looks like you got a few bargins, I don't tell hubby - just chuck them in the wardrobe, he thinks new stuff is just things that did not fit before, not sure how long it will work though:)

A Girl Running said...

wow arn't you the bargain hunter! The jackets sounds lovely - I don't like the tatty ones either.

Mary said...

LOL, I love shopping and bargains! You don't do it all the time so why not I say :-)

Mary said...

Oh yes, and a Baileys would have to be in order if we decide to go to Tassie!

M said...

Wow. What a great day. And I love the whole saving so much money line.. LOL. Pity it is my DH that uses it on me..

I thought I would be killing you in the steps today but not quite. Well done to you.

Have a great day tomorrow, and stay out of the shops ;)

Me said...

YAY for sales and being able to buy things and save money at the same time !!
Take care and have a great day !

Anne said...

Great bargains! I'm a bit like Leighanne and don't always show my husband all that I buy! It does sort of give you that naughty feel - but I like it!! I really enjoy Subway! Also great going with the walking:)