29 July 2005

Soon be Spring

I picked some daffodils yesterday, so that means Spring will soon be here. Time to dust ourselves off and look forward to Summer.

Changing the subject, I sent away some tokens on the Glad Bake packet and received a little recipe book and tips on using Glad Bake. It is really quite a nice little book. I didn't realise you can use Glad Bake on the barbecue when cooking marinated food to stop sticking and burning. I also didn't know it could be used in George. I also didn't know it could be used to line a frying pan to cook a zucchini slice.
I will be trying out all these new ideas soon.
I have always used it in the oven and lined cake tins with it and love it for that, so I am sure I will love trying it elsewhere.

(Dear Daughter is out of hospital and has started her long road to recovery. Thank you all once again for thinking of us).


Jaykay said...

I've never used Glad Bake. Does it soak up the fat if you cook with it?

Might have to check it out.

Have a lovely weekend!

A Girl Running said...

oh those flowers look just gorgeous

Leighanne said...

The flowers look great- can't wait for warmer weather!!
Didn't know glad bake could be used for so many things:)

Glenys said...

Georgeous flowers, do you grow them at home? Your house must smell beautiful. I line my baking tray with glad bake and then spray on spray oil and bake my veges.

Your daughter is lucky to have you, I hope she is resting comfortably and recovers with ease.

M said...

We always use GB on the BBQ. It makes cleaning up so easy. Just peel up the paper and chuck it. Whenever we have people over the blokes always ask DH what the heck he is doing but we are slowly converting everyone LOL. Hope you have a fantastic weekend with your beautiful flowers :)

Mary said...

They are so pretty. I love flowers and Spring even more. I'm a Spring baby :-) I am going to have to try out the Glad Bake for myself! I hope you are having a good weekend Suzy.

Karen said...

Glad Bake is wonderful I will often use it in the fry pan instead of greasing it.

Hope you have a lovely weekend the weather sure is being kind to us :)

michelle said...

Glad your daughter is home and on the road to recovery. Thanks for the reminder about the Gladbake. I only use it in the oven, will experiment now.

Kate said...

Beautiful daffs! Love them! One of the places where I walk has a huge long road with daffodils planted everywhere, and you walk under these huge trees through a path of daffodils. Magical!

Jodie said...

Lovely flowers!! Glad to hear your daughter is out of hospital on the road to recovery. XX