23 July 2005

Stepping well - no weight loss

Thank goodness for the Winter Walking Challenge.

I think that maybe if I hadn't been walking so much the last few weeks I may have put on weight, because I have walked so many steps and haven't lost any weight at all. I am maintaining though, so that's good. I have been eating more food too because as we all know during Winter we feel like comforting casseroles and lots of nice soups. Even though I have been having low point soups, I have been eating nice muffins with the soup.

I am so looking forward to Spring and Summer though and salads and Summer fruits.

I walked today and did a 30 minute session on the tramp, so my steps were 10,279, so that's OK.

Most people tend to put on a couple of kilos over Winter and the Winter Walking Challenge has hopefuly prevented that, so I am glad I am doing it. Hopefully once the challenge ends my extra walking will be a habit that I maintain.


Mary said...

You are doing so well Suzy. How many weeks have you been on maintenance now? You're such an inspiration :-)

Slim Suzy said...

Mary: I have been maintaining for only just over two months. My weight doesn't change much now from week to week. Just up or down 100grams to 300grams or so. I am quite happy about that. I do keep a close eye on my weight though and cut down if I have had a day of eating more. It won't be long and you will be at your goal weight too!

Leighanne said...

It is hard in winter to not eat nice warm food - but you are doing so well maintaining:)

M said...

I think the winter walking challenge is great for this too. Without the additional push to walk more I think I would have struggled to move as much as well.

Well done on not gaining. That is excellent. And it is hard with the soups. I have just made one but will only have enough points to have the soup. If I want bread with it it will push me over for the week. d'oh :)

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday

A Girl Running said...

I am very happy to reach 10,000 a day so anything over is excellent.

I love winter foods too much =( same for all of us though isn't it

Kate said...

Well done on maintaining! That is a real effort. :-)