10 July 2005

Toned legs - more muscle?

Sue on her 1st Birthday (1957)

10,330 steps yesterday. All this walking is toning my legs more. Not losing any weight. I guess my leg muscles are getting bigger instead, but that is OK. At least my knees may lose some of their fat that has been there since I was a baby! All my toddler photos show "beef to the ankles".

Made the yoghurt pops and they are very nice, but will be nicer on a hot summer's day! Bit cold at the moment for icy things. (photo in recipe blog - that red straw thing sticking out is for catching the melted pops, will be great for the kidlets instead of drips on their clothes).

Dear husband is off to the footy today to watch his team (Hawthorn) and Adelaide Crows at Aurora stadium (Launceston). I haven't seen a big game here, but we were talking to some "mainland" fans last night and they said they like Aurora stadium better than the MCG! (Melbourne). Maybe smaller? I think the MCG has great atmosphere. By the way, he won his half marathon (he was the only one in it!), but he was pleased with his time, so that's all that matters.

Cooking a roast chicken in George tonight. I will never buy a cooked chicken again after tasting George's chicken. Delicious! In fact all the roasts I have tried have been so nice. I only have a small George and 1/2 a leg of lamb cooks beautifully or 1 chicken. When I cooked the lamb I made big slits in it and poked in garlic and rosemary (saw Jamie Oliver do it once) and it was so nice. Even the next day sliced cold it was delish.

We ate out last night and the roast meat was so greasy (yuck!). George really spoils you from enjoying meat cooked other ways.

Going to the nursery today to look for some healthy herb plants. May even walk there - 6kms round trip - maybe not!


M said...

Wow. Your steps are fantastic. When I don't get the lunch walk in I find I struggle to get to 10,000. Your photo is gorgeous. No beef ankles there at all :)

I always put rosemary and garlic in slits in the lamb leg. It just makes the flavour go right through the meat. Delicious. Hope Hawthorn slaughter the Crows...

Have a great Sunday Mrs Toned Legs :)

Anne said...

I've got hooked on the pedometer as well!

Love the photo! What a cutie!!

Mary said...

Love the photo Suzy! I just got home from work and the idea of a home cooked roast is really making my mouth water *drool*. What to have for dinner now, mmm. I'll be investing in a George soon methinks :-)

Me said...

Well done on all your walking - you really are doing a great job !
Take care and have a great week !

missjesse said...

Well thankfully my team had a win today, but of course I couldn't be there. I AM A DOCKERS SUPPORTER lol. I have only just started readiong your blog not so long ago, but i find it very inspiring to read someone who is at goal and maintaining it quite well!
Look forward to continued reading.

Danatasia said...

Well done on the steps Suzy. What beef ankles? And congrats to the hubby as well.

Leighanne said...

What a cute photo!
I agree, once you eat healthy some food you used to like seem more greasy, oily or just too sweet!