04 July 2005

Tracking sheet

I was trying to add a link to my new tracking sheet I just created for myself. Thought I would scan it and take a photo as I can't add it as a link. I will print these out and use them for a change from my notebook tracker.
I am also upping my exercise for July and August. I have a pedometer but haven't used it for ages. I am going to wear it each day and make sure I take more steps. (Thanks Mary for putting in the link to Walking with attitude. I won't officially join but I will take up the challenge).
By then it will be September and Spring and the weather will be improving and we will be looking forward to Summer and salads and barbys.


Jodie said...

What a great idea with the Tracking sheet. I like the idea of the food groups. Sometimes you don't think about counting those individually.

I also can't wait for Spring - Bring it on!!!

Jaykay said...

I so miss those long summer evenings sitting out on the deck eating BBQ food & salads (and having the odd drink or 10!!).

Roll on Summer!

M said...

I love your tracker. So colourful and fun. Makes it easier to stick to something if you can have a bit of fun with it. I have officially joined the Winter Challenge. Whoo Hooo. I want to know what's in Kate's Bum Bag LOL.

Have a wonderful day :)

A Girl Running said...

your tracker is great.

I love my pedometer. I put it on as I get dressed every day.

Leighanne said...

love the look of your tracker!
Can't wait for the nice days to come back:)

Anne said...

The tracker is great! Looking forward to the salad days as well!

Me said...

Good luck for the extra exercise - I know how much better I feel when I have been exercising.
Take care and be good !