29 August 2005

Ten years younger

I have been watching "Ten Years Younger", a show on UK TV. I'm sorry, but there is no way I would go through some of the things that those people do to look younger! Face peels, eyebrow lifts, nose straightening! Yes, they do look good at the end of the procedures, but they go through agony to get there.

Whatever happened to aging gracefully? Surely a few wrinkles shouldn't mean the end of attractiveness? Too bad if they do. I am not having mine cut away with a knife or injected away with Botox!

27 August 2005

To Margaret

Margaret, just to say I am thinking of you and your Dear Mum. Sending you some hugs and flowers. XXXX Sue

26 August 2005

Going nuts?

I walked home from the Kmart today (8,761 steps - 6.1 km). Why? Because I could!

All the way home I was thinking about last year when I became ill and had no energy and was too overweight. DH had to park the car really close to the Doctor's surgery every time he took me because I could hardly walk to the car. So today I was springing along in the sunshine thinking how glad I am to feel healthy and fit and happy. I have decided that I can walk anywhere and as far as I want to, but I must have a purpose. I don't really like to just go for a walk. If I know I am going somewhere to do something, or buy something, or have lunch, or see someone, I don't mind how far I walk. So I will try to find a purpose for a long walk each day.

I think it often takes a health scare or a major event in our life for us to change our ways, I know it certainly did with me. Now I just want to yell out to people and tell them how much better I feel and how everyone should try to get that little bit healthier

(I won't though, I'll just tell you, because they might think I'm just going nuts!!!)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

25 August 2005

The sun is out

The last two days have been so sunny and nice and I decided to check my wardrobe for some 3/4 pants. I kept them all from last year as I was in the middle of my weight loss and I wasn't sure whether they would fit me this summer or not. They all nearly fell off me! It is a bad thing in a way though because it means I have to buy all new summer clothes now. I went to Target today to check out the new crop pants advertised.
  • M talked about finding some "nellys" the other day, but I couldn't find any. They were all really low waisted and looked awful. Why do they look so nice in the catalogue? I suppose because all the models have perfect figures and very flat stomachs?! Anyway I will keep searching.

    Haven't had any chocolate for two days! Not missing it though. I have some diet choc mousse on hand for when I get a chocolate craving.

    Hope all those blogging friends who are feeling down and troubled at the moment soon feel better. Life certainly doesn't run smoothly at times. I too agree that "What doesn't kill you makes you strong", but it also takes its toll, so look after yourselves.
  • 23 August 2005

    I'm getting rid of the chocolate monster

    My chocolate and sherbert cone intake is creeping up and up. Yesterday I ate 4 mini lite mars bars and 3 sherbert cones! That is ridiculous. It is time to do something about it before the cherry ripes, choc coated almonds, and chips start appearing! Therefore I will NOT eat any more chocolates or lollies for the next two weeks and then reassess the situation. Yes, I will still have my red wine most nights (purely for the good of my cholesterol!), but I am really starting to crave chocolate and sweet food and I need to stop it before it takes hold.

    20 August 2005

    Walked to Subway

    Dear husband and I walked to Subway for lunch. It is a 10km round trip! I had already jogged on my tramp for half an hour before breakfast, so by the time we returned home my steps were 19,325!!!! If anyone had told me last year to go for a ten km walk just for fun I think I would have either laughed or cried. Now I can do it easily. The bottoms of my feet are burning slightly, but apart from that I am fine. We called in to see my Dear Son at his work on the way and he couldn't believe it. He said "that's what cars are for". He also asked me if I had my taxi fare in case I couldn't make it home (actually I did take a bus fare just in case). We think we might try to do the walk most weekends now the weather is improving, so that should be fun. It was a lovely morning and we walked in one way and home another, so it was quite interesting. DH has now gone for a 10km run! I'm not that keen. The walk has made me more hungry though, but I figure I can afford to eat more today!

    P.S. Thinking of my Dear Father who would have been 95 today! He has been gone 15 years and I still miss him. He was taken unfairly in a car accident and I often wonder just how old he would have been if he had died naturally, as he was 80 going on 60 in mind, spirit and body. Anyway, I am sure he is having a game of bowls and a few beers to celebrate his Birthday in the Great Bowling Club you know where!

    19 August 2005

    Wish me luck

    Really no news this week. Caught up with some old workmates last night for a meal and a chat. It was lovely to see them all. We have all gone our separate ways, but like to catch up every few months. I wore my high heel boots and they were actually quite comfortable and I managed quite well without breaking my ankle!
    I was just cleaning out the fridge and checking what I need from the supermarket and I realised the freezer on top of the fridge is not working properly. It is supposed to defrost itself and it has ice all over the bottom. Looks as though the water hasn't been able to escape when it has tried to defrost. I have emptied it all out and I am just deciding whether to try and fix it before Dear Husband comes home for lunch. He it NOT a handyman and small things tend to turn into disasters very quickly. If I can only get the back plate off the freezer part without totally wrecking the fridge and see if something is blocking it I may be able to fix it. But then if that doesn't work or if I don't screw the screws back properly (I tend to do everything slightly crookedly), I will be in trouble. I think it may be a no-win situation. I was planning to have a do-not-much day today, but it has turned into defrosting, cooking food that is in the fridge now so it doesn't spoil, lots of washing up after the cooking and stress because my fridge is on the blink.
    I just hate it when electrical things decide to be naughty. We tend to take our everyday appliances for granted until something goes wrong.
    Anyway wish me luck!

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

    UPDATE:: YAY FOR THE POWER OF A WOMAN WITH A PHILLIPS HEAD SCREWDRIVER - I fixed it! It was blocked. Obviously designed by a man. It has a little cap with tiny holes where the water is supposed to go through and it was blocked with a big chunk of ice. I have taken the cap off and unblocked it all and water is running freely. I am going to leave the little cap off permanently. Just have to be careful of falling peas! I have cleaned behind and under the fridge so I now feel much better and am going to have a lovely bubble bath and pretend all is well when DH comes home. YAY, YAY, YAY!!!!!

    16 August 2005

    Winter walking challenge

    Well we are starting week 7 of the Winter Walking Challenge. Eight weeks sounded easy, but actually it has been quite a challenge. The first three weeks went smoothly and I managed my 10,000 steps a day. Then, as happens in this life, things cropped up which made it more difficult. I am determined to do the steps for the next two weeks though, so we will see how I go. Then winter will be over and I think I will try to do about 7,000 steps daily. I also think that my body needs one or two days rest from exercise each week.

    15 August 2005

    Unfair advertising

    I just bought a packet of fun size Light Mars Bars and they now say 50% less fat, then is smaller print - than the average of leading chocolate bar brands. No they haven't made them any less fatty, it just looked that way. We really need to be on the ball when shopping and read all the fine print on the labels. I also bought a 50g bag of a new variety of Smiths crisps. On the bag it told me now with less saturated fat. I just thought for a treat I would try them and after eating two or three (very yummy) I checked the points value. FIVE points for a 50gram bag. How unfair! Even though they were delish I felt it was a complete waste of so many points and couldn't bring myself to eat any more. Surely someone can make some tasty chips with much less fat than that?!! Anyway, back to my popcorn for me. Can't afford to stack the weight back on just for the sake of a bag of chips.

    14 August 2005

    Pipe dream

    Had a lovely, peaceful time at St Helens. On the way there at Scamander (a lovely seaside town on the east coast of Tasmania 140kms from Launceston) we noticed this cute little shack. We decided to check out the price in the Real Estate office window and on the way home we stopped at the shack for a look. There was a man there working on a fence and he asked us if we would like to have a look inside. Oh dear, I wish we hadn't cause I have fallen in love with it! It was so cute and cosy and a beautiful, peaceful setting. Unfortunately house and land prices have more than doubled in Tasmania recently and there is no way we can afford to buy it, but you know how it is easy to dream about these things when you are away from reality and when you come home and do the sums it can only be a pipe dream.
  • Roberts Real Estate, St Helens, Tas

  • Anyway, what is life without dreams?

    I was a good girl foodwise while away but naughty on the wine front and consequently will be having a few alcohol free days ahead!

    11 August 2005

    Going to the beach

    We are going to the beach tomorrow. Just for the night, but every few months I need to see the sea because I love it and I always feel at peace and happy there. It is 160kms away from here and we have just hired a shack for the night but it will be nice. I will take my pedometer and hopefully go for some long walks. I know it isn't really beach weather, but I don't care.

    Great news today about
  • reaching goal weight. Congratulations Em. Wonderful news. A few of our other blogging friends aren't too far away from their goals too, so it is an exciting time. In fact everyone we "talk" to seems so motivated towards their healthy lifestyle that it really helps us all. Even those who have had colds and bugs and a few down moods soon get back on track when they are feeling better and it really is a great network of motivated people. I am so pleased I have found you all.

    Have a great Friday and weekend everyone.

    09 August 2005

    I really feel like a granny today.

    I know I am a granny and I love being a granny, but mostly I don't feel old enough to be one. Well today I really feel old and grannyish!
    I can hardly move. My legs are aching and even "me toes are giving me jip". Even though I have been walking a lot and jogging on my tramp each day I went for a long, fast walk yesterday up some very steep hills. Today I am really suffering. The tramp is so gentle on my joints and my usual walks are flat going, so I am not used to hills. I think I am too old!

    OMG it is so dark and rainy today. It is the middle of the day and it looks like night time. I have had enough of this weather!!! Thank goodness I have my puter to keep me from gettting morbid.

    08 August 2005

    Maintaining my weight

    I have been maintaining my weight of between 63 and 64kgs for three months now. No, I won't get any badges or certificates or any awards because I have never officially joined WW. I did WW at home with books given to me by a friend and whatever else I needed I bought from the WW website or Ebay or researched weight loss and healthy living sites.
    I believe that I reached a place where I knew I needed to lose weight and I was determined to do it by myself and there was no need for me to attend meetings or have someone else weigh me or keep me motivated. It was up to me alone. I did get some motivation from reading posts on the WW forum. (Since reaching my goal weight my blogging friends have helped to keep me motivated).
    I am very happy that my weight has stabilised and even though my healthy weight range is 53-66 kgs, my current weight of 63 to 64kgs seems to be the ideal weight for my body. My size 10 jeans are actually quite loose and I don't want to get any smaller.
    I am able to still have a glass or two of red wine each night and go out for a meal when I wish to. I am being careful day to day, but have actually stopped tracking for the last couple of weeks. I think I still mentally add points, as I know most of the points values for my regular meals.
    I don't want to go over 64kgs and I will keep a close eye on my weight and start tracking again if it starts to creep up.
    I think I have gained the knowledge about food and exercise that my body needs to maintain this weight. I will continue to exercise most days and try to drink plenty of water. I constantly mentally check that I am drinking enough and remind myself that I don't need fatty food or chips and chocolate to be happy. (Well, maybe some chocolate!).

    06 August 2005


    I joined the Continental Rewards Club last night. No not for overseas trips, just to redeem points for my Roast Meat Gravy mix and stock cubes etc. Just with the things that are in my pantry cupboard I will be redeeming a pedometer. How exciting. I know I already have one, but it would be good to have a spare. You know how excited I get about "free" offers too! It can be used in Australia and New Zealand. There are recipes too which show nutritional information.

  • Continental

  • Have a great weekend everyone!

    04 August 2005

    Not much to report

    I'm OK. My cold isn't any worse and I am still fighting it off. I think all the lemons I squeeze in my drinks of water have helped.
    Nice to see the WW slimmer of the year was from Tasmania. She cured her Type 2 Diabetes by losing weight and getting fit, so that is wonderful. Losing weight and exercising helps blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels and we will be all far better off for our efforts.
    I haven't anything exciting to report today. Steps are slow and steady. Hope to do more tomorrow.

    02 August 2005

    Half way through walking challenge

    Four weeks have finished in the Winter walking with attitude 10,000 steps challenge. I didn't count my steps today as I feel a cold coming and I want to stop it before it gets too bad. Most people around me have been sick and I have been trying not to catch it, but I am afraid it is trying to get me.
    I will have to do some long walks when I feel better, or lots of jogging on the tramp.
    I have been careful with my eating though, so I should be OK as far as my weight is concerned. I did just weaken to a whole Mars Bar Light bar, but I haven't eaten much today.

    01 August 2005

    High heels

    I have NEVER worn high heels! Being a size 9 and always having "solid" legs, I have always stuck to chunky lower heels to be on the safe side. Well, today I only went down the street to add some steps and to buy some lambs fry and a packet of bacon (yuck to the lambs fry) for Dear Husband's tea. Just happened to go in past the shoe shop and found these short, high heel boots on sale. ($19.50 down from $50). Just thought I would try them on for fun and they felt great! I am a bit wobbly on my feet (will probably break my neck or ankle on them if I'm not careful), but I have always wanted to wear heels and now I am lighter on my feet surely I can wear them. Anyway I'm going to try. I will just keep them to wear out with my jeans (with the black beads on).
    Better go and do the ironing. Can't think of any more excuses not to.