14 August 2005

Pipe dream

Had a lovely, peaceful time at St Helens. On the way there at Scamander (a lovely seaside town on the east coast of Tasmania 140kms from Launceston) we noticed this cute little shack. We decided to check out the price in the Real Estate office window and on the way home we stopped at the shack for a look. There was a man there working on a fence and he asked us if we would like to have a look inside. Oh dear, I wish we hadn't cause I have fallen in love with it! It was so cute and cosy and a beautiful, peaceful setting. Unfortunately house and land prices have more than doubled in Tasmania recently and there is no way we can afford to buy it, but you know how it is easy to dream about these things when you are away from reality and when you come home and do the sums it can only be a pipe dream.
  • Roberts Real Estate, St Helens, Tas

  • Anyway, what is life without dreams?

    I was a good girl foodwise while away but naughty on the wine front and consequently will be having a few alcohol free days ahead!


    Leighanne said...

    It looks lovely:)
    Glad you had a great time away - I went to St Helens once, very nice!

    Mary said...

    Gosh, it looks so beautiful down there. Glad to hear you had a nice time! :-)

    Kate said...

    It looks so nice! It's really good that you had a nice time away - you must have needed it. If I didn't live in Auckland where I see the sea every day, I'd need to travel often to see it too. Love it.

    Me said...

    You are right - what is life with dreams ???? I often wish "If only I won some of the Lotto" - I don't even need to win it all - just some !!! Glad you had a good time away - it does you good to have a change of scenery !
    Take care and have a great week !

    Emily said...

    Oh my gosh, from your description of the 'shack' I was expecting a quaint little rundown cottage or something, but that place looks brand new and totally modern! Love it!

    Glenys said...

    Yes, what would life be without dreams, I often dream about real estate. Good to see you have a break away.
    PS How's your daughter and her family going?

    Take care. BFN.

    Jodie said...

    Wow how beautiful!! No wonder you fell in love with that - who wouldn't!!! Glad you had a nice time at the beach. XX

    jak said...

    Oh, I love that cottage, it looks so gorgeous and homey. I'm glad to hear you had a lovely time away. :)

    M said...

    It is just beautiful. And you never know. I bet when you first thought about weight loss you thought attaining goal was just a pipe-dream. And it wasn't. So this may just happen for you yet.

    Have a great day Suzy. :)