25 August 2005

The sun is out

The last two days have been so sunny and nice and I decided to check my wardrobe for some 3/4 pants. I kept them all from last year as I was in the middle of my weight loss and I wasn't sure whether they would fit me this summer or not. They all nearly fell off me! It is a bad thing in a way though because it means I have to buy all new summer clothes now. I went to Target today to check out the new crop pants advertised.
  • M talked about finding some "nellys" the other day, but I couldn't find any. They were all really low waisted and looked awful. Why do they look so nice in the catalogue? I suppose because all the models have perfect figures and very flat stomachs?! Anyway I will keep searching.

    Haven't had any chocolate for two days! Not missing it though. I have some diet choc mousse on hand for when I get a chocolate craving.

    Hope all those blogging friends who are feeling down and troubled at the moment soon feel better. Life certainly doesn't run smoothly at times. I too agree that "What doesn't kill you makes you strong", but it also takes its toll, so look after yourselves.

    Me said...

    It's so good to hear that someone else is in the same boat as me - clothes too big but not being able to find some that fit nicely. I am off this weekend to see if I can find some Nellie's - I really hope I do as mine are really quite uncomfortable and I hate wearing belts to hold them up !!! Yay for getting rid of the chocolate monster - am glad he didn't stop off at my house. I have had a couple of those little Mars Lite bars when I have felt the craving but when I was reading about Anne's jam and cream scones - I could taste how nice it must have been !!!!
    Take care and have a great day !

    Donna said...

    well done on not having choc for 2 days now and no cravings, i find if i start on chocolate i just want more, so i know i'm better not to have any at all.
    Hope you find some nice summer clothes to wear.
    I love the turtle.
    have a good day.

    Kellee said...

    What is wrong with fashion today? I am smack bang in the middle of the age group that today's clothes are designed for, I'm the right weight for my height and I STILL can't find things that fir right! Tsk tsk.

    Good luck on your 'no chocolate' thing. Are you going to use something in plae of it or are you going cold turkey?

    Karen said...

    I want to have that feeling of having clothes that you wore last year being too big for you. I have had enough experience of them no longer fitting as I've gotten bigger, so to have it go the other way would be good. Thanks for leaving comments on my blog, much appreciated :)

    kathrynoh said...

    I went looking for summer clothes and it seems like everything is pink and brown - i hate pink and brown and they look dreadful on me. I was so disappointed - one of the reasons I wanted to lose weight was to get nice clothes and now I hate all the current fashions!

    Leighanne said...

    Good on you!!2 days no chocolate, good luck in finding nelly's:)

    The Libran said...

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog....it makes me feel so good...thanks again
    Cheers Lynne

    LeisaB NewMe said...

    Well done on holding off on the choc and thanks for the nice thoughts. Buying new clothes is such a dilemma. Not sure if you have Millers or Crossroads in your part of the world but they usually have good and cheap clothes.