30 September 2005

I'm back!

We had a lovely time away. We rode our bikes while we were there. I managed some hills but I am still not good on hills and had to walk and push the bike if it was too steep. That really annoys me. We walked 17km round trip into the town one day. I really enjoyed that.
These were the naughty things I did:

Ate a pastie
Drank red wine, Baileys, Omni and Chardonnay! (not all at once)
Ate greasy chips and fish (suffered all night for that)
Ate too much brie cheese
Didn't drink enough water
Didn't eat enough vegies. (Not a very healthy shopping environment where we were. I don't think many people like nice fruit or vegies as most of it was old and wilted!).

These were the good things I did:

Rode my bike
Read "Ultra Marathon Man" by Dean Karnazes. (I had bought this book for DH for his birthday and when he finished reading it I decided to have a look. It was a great book and Dean is an amazing man. He runs hundreds of miles, night and day. Pushes himself and his body beyond all limits. He says he runs with his heart and doesn't let his body stop him from running as far as he wants to. He also raises a lot of money for charities.)

The result of all the above was a gain of 700g! DH is on holidays for another week so I will concentrate on getting rid of that after next week. Glad to be home and bought lots of nice fresh fruit and vegies and healthy snacks.

We will do some day trips next week, including a trip to Burnie to pick up our transponders for the Burnie 10. We have deciced not to stay there the night before and we won't have to go as early if we pick them up before race day.

Looking forward to catching up with all your news later tonight.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

22 September 2005

Burnie Ten

We have entered the Burnie Ten! DH has already run 13 Burnie Tens. This will be my first. I will be walking, but it should be fun. It is a very popular race in Tasmania.
  • Skilled Burnie Ten

  • I will try to walk faster than my last walk, but it may be difficult because there are thousands of people and it will take longer to get started. Anyway I will have a go.

    We are going away for the week next week (DH is on holidays for 2 weeks) and we are taking our bikes with us so will go for lots of rides and lots of long walks. Will be eating and drinking lots but extra exercise should keep things on track (hopefully)!

    21 September 2005

    Virus and spies!

    Just a short post to make sure everyone is really careful to update your anti virus and spy software. Yesterday I somehow managed to get a major spy infiltration on my computer! I couldn't do anything. Every time I tried to go into internet it came up with a gambling or porn site! It was horrible! It even created a folder in my favourites which was a list of dozens of porn and gambling sites. When I changed my home page back to ninemsn it changed back to a site with f%@# in the title! I felt sick. I WAS SO ANNOYED!
    Every time I tried to delete it all it came back! I had to take my computer to the computer repair guys and explain what had happened. Anyway it turns out that even though I have paid for my continued updates for anti virus etc, I hadn't been updating them correctly and only part of the virus protection was being updated! I had dozens and dozens of spies (the last one was called Spy Sherriff and that did all the damage) and I had a virus as well .I have been waiting for it to be fixed and hoping I hadn't lost my photos and files etc. It is now OK (thank goodness), $120 later!!!!!!!
    I AM SO ANGRY that people find pleasure in creating these viruses and ways to invade our privacy and cost us not only money, but heartache as well.

    PS. Thankyou for all your comments about my 10km walk. When I calm down I will catch up with everyone. Hope all is well at your place! xxxx

    18 September 2005

    My first certificate!

    Yay! I ended up walking the 10km walk. My time was 91 minutes 25 seconds. I was equal fourth (we were last - there were only two men and 3 women doing the walk)! I was pleased with the time though and we weren't too far behind the winner so we certainly weren't in disgrace!

    My walk started at 9am, the same time as the half marathon run and half marathon walk. I didn't know anyone there (except DH), so I said hello to one girl and asked her whether she was a fast walker. "No" she said, "I only came for the nice scenery" she said. SURE SHE DID! I started off with her for about 10 steps and realised I was in real trouble. She walked really fast. The other woman kept up to her fairly well. I dropped back with the two blokes and we strode out quite well and the pace was certainly fast enough for me. It was lovely countryside though and a bit hilly, but not too steep, just a gentle climb, so I survived. One bloke strode ahead after the half way mark and ended up racing past the girl who had been in the lead and he won (I was secretly pleased he passed her, that was the Bit#@iness coming out in me!).

    Anyway we had fun. DH survived his half marathon and was quite happy with his time and I was happy that I can actually walk 10kms and keep up with people who do it quite often. I realised after I started that the serious walkers had chosen the 10km walk instead of the 5km walk and if I didn't want to straggle behind too much I had to make an effort, so I did, and I received my first ever walking certificate. (Probably first ever sport certificate if the truth was known!).

    16 September 2005

    Fun Run/Walk

    OMG, I find this very hard to believe, but I am actually entering a fun run/walk on Sunday! DH is running a half marathon and instead of sitting in the car knitting like I usually do, I am going to enter the 5km walk. No, I won't be running. I don't run, but as I have been doing so much walking, I thought I might as well fill in the time by walking instead of sitting. When I told DH he almost fell off the chair and then came over to me to see if I had a temperature and was delusional. But no, I was sane and cool at the temple so he realised I wasn't kidding.

    DH has been running for years, mainly because he loves to run. Anyway we all know the story of me not being well, deciding to become healthier and gradually starting to walk more and more. No, he wasn't pushing me at all. In fact, even though he runs a lot he eats quite unhealthily (when he can get away with it) and doesn't try to encourage me to run at all. He enjoys the loneliness of long distance running.

    So we are leaving at 6am on Sunday (the run/walk is 160kms away), after eating pancakes for breakfast, and he will start his run an hour before my walk starts and we should finish about the same time. Unless I decide to enter the 10km walk! How exciting!

    14 September 2005

    Four months of maintaining

    I have now been maintaining my weight for four months! I really don't have much change in my weight each week now, so that is good. The winter walking challenge helped me get into the habit of going for a walk as well as my 30 minutes jogging on the tramp. I have been having one and sometimes two days off exercise each week as well the last two weeks, and I am still the same weight. I think the days I exercise more I tend to eat more as well, so it all balances out.

    I only have a couple of larger size items of clothing left in my wardrobe and last night I tried on a pair of crop pants from last year. They literally fell off!!! Sometimes when I try on smaller clothes in the shops I think to myself that sizes must have changed and it isn't really me who has changed size. So last night confirmed to me that it is me who has shrunk and not the clothes that have suddenly grown! How weird that our mind seems to take a long time to catch up to our body!

    It is great to see that more of our blogging friends are reaching their goal weight or have nearly reached it.

    It will be interesting to see how everyone else feels about themselves when they reach goal weight. We are so lucky to be able to share these feelings.

    13 September 2005

    Beautiful Rainbow

    I took this photo from my back porch the other day. Aren't rainbows amazing!? So beautiful. It is like the weather is trying to be nasty but the rainbow is trying to make everything beautiful again. It really looks lovely enough to have a pot of gold at the end of it doesn't it.

    I just finished reading "Confessions of a Reformed Dieter" by A J Rochester. I think all those of us who have lost weight or tried to lose weight could relate well to her book.

    It also made me think about goals, making goals and reaching goals and realising that we can really do anything we want to in life if we set our mind to it.

    And determination - if we are really determined to reach our goal we can do it. A setback one day or one week shouldn't spell the end. The easy thing to do if things don't go our way is to give up, but if we just re-focus, get back to the basics of why we wanted to reach our goal in the first place we will get there.

    It also made me wonder why some of us spend our lives wishing we had written a book, or travelled the world, or started a business or ........................
    and some of us "just do it" as Katey Weighty would say. So from now on I will just do it!

    11 September 2005

    Crafty Weekend

    I have had a great weekend. My Dear Grand-daughter (12) came to stay and we decided that , as it was a rainy, horrible day, we would go to Spotlight and have a look. While we were there she fell in love with some Hello Kitty material and I told her I would make her a tote bag (I'm not a seamstress, but like to dabble in crafty things). We then found some chain, beads and charms and decided to make some jewellery. We came home and had some great fun making all these things. She also covered a notebook with the leftover Kitty material.
    We even had fun at the supermarket, where they had a lot of food promotions on and we tried everything from blue vein cheese to spreadable tuna.
    Today we had McDonalds for lunch (lean beef burgers, of course) and then she had a sherbert cone from Wendys and I had a chocollo in a baby cone (yum!!!).

    09 September 2005

    I just love steamed Dim Sims

    I love steamed dim sims and today I realised why. They feel like takeaway food to me. They feel like they are naughty, but actually they aren't high in points and I only have two with a huge salad and some no-fat Italian dressing. They are satisfying though and when I feel like something different, or I start to wonder what KFC tastes like these days, I steam some dims sims and really enjoy them without regretting that I had just bought a takeaway.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone.

    07 September 2005

    Mini tramp

    I know I have talked about my mini tramp before, but I think it is such a great exercise and weight loss tool that I can't stop talking about it.
    I saw an ad on TV the other day for a tramp + exercise videos. The exercises seemed quite complicated and they were also doing situps on the tramp. I really think all those exercises on a tramp make it all too hard. I have simply jogged on my tramp from day 1 and it has certainly worked for me. I actually tried a few situps on the tramp after watching the commercial and ended up having a pain in my back (I usually do stomach crunches while lying on the floor with no problem). So I will certainly only be using my tramp for jogging in future. 1/2 an hour of jogging is usually about 4,000 steps too, so that's good.

    06 September 2005

    Sundried tomatoes

    Just bought some ingredients to make a ham and salad roll for lunch. I found some delicious 97% fat free sundried tomatoes at Woolworths deli. Yum they are delish. So much less oily than the usual ones. I always take some of the bread out of the middle of my roll when I make it. I read it somewhere while I was losing weight and have continued to do it. It means more room for filling and less kj's, so I find it works for me. I am so glad the sun is out and I can enjoy salads.

    05 September 2005

    My Mum's Birthday

    Thinking of my Dear Mum, who is no longer with us. Today would have been her 90th Birthday.

    She has been gone for many years but I still miss her and think of her every day.

    She was my best friend.

    03 September 2005

    Kindred spirits

    I went to our new Suzanne Grae store yesterday to look for some crop pants. I hadn't tried there the other day when I had such a hard time finding any to come up past my hips. Sure enough I found some really nice pairs there and met a kindred spirit at the same time.

    The "girl" who served me (late 30's I reckon) was really helpful and we started talking about weight loss and self image and how it is really hard sometimes for us to accept our new size because when we look in the mirror we see the old body.

    She was a WW! She had lost quite a bit of weight and still has about 10kgs to go. She is the same height as me and looks good at the moment but wants to keep going to goal weight. I explained to her that I don't go to meetings but have followed the WW points system and it really worked for me. It was really exciting to talk to someone who knows how I feel and I guess that is what it is like for those of you who go to meetings. It would be nice to catch up with others and compare notes. I am really pleased to be able to do that via our blogs, but it was great to talk to someone in person too!

    She was also a good salesperson, as by the time I left the store I had bought 3 pairs of crop pants ( 1 lovely self-striped denim with a nice bone coloured tie belt and one black summery pair and a light browny summery pair), a pair of gorgeous brown sandals and a lovely fitted shirt! Oh well, I do need all new summer clothes remember!

    02 September 2005

    You can eat a lot of the right food

    Looking back over my food diary for the last few weeks I have decided that we can really eat a lot of food and not put on weight, as long as it is the right food. I am almost never hungry. I snack a lot and I eat sensible, but certainly not tiny, portions at meal times. Of course the difference is that now I am eating low fat, lower carbohydrate and healthier foods. But they are still mostly delicious. I really don't feel that I am missing out on anything. I am still craving chocolate, but after my 2 weeks are up I have decided to eat small amounts of chocolate each day if I feel like it. You know the saying "French women don't get fat" and that is because they don't deprive themselves of any food they really desire, they just eat small amounts of good quality and tasty foods such as chocolate and cheese and fresh crusty breads, fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meats, fish and nuts. Sounds good to me!

    I knew my Mother must have given me a French name (Suzanne) for a reason!

    01 September 2005

    Out came the sunshine......

    Happy first of Spring.

    Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain. There is a lot of flooding here. I am high and dry though.

    I spare a thought for those poor people in parts of USA who have had loss of lives and property due to the hurricane. It is so sad.

    On a more trivial note: I don't buy many WW food products. Even though they have the points values on them I find them quite expensive and I tend to buy other brands and work out the points value. I bought a WW chocolate dessert just to try some weeks ago and have only just made it. Yes, it tastes very nice, but I am amazed to read that it has 13.5g of sugar in the one serve size packet! It also has 227mg of sodium, which I find is rather high as well. OK, so it is only 1 point per packet, but what about the sugar???