21 September 2005

Virus and spies!

Just a short post to make sure everyone is really careful to update your anti virus and spy software. Yesterday I somehow managed to get a major spy infiltration on my computer! I couldn't do anything. Every time I tried to go into internet it came up with a gambling or porn site! It was horrible! It even created a folder in my favourites which was a list of dozens of porn and gambling sites. When I changed my home page back to ninemsn it changed back to a site with f%@# in the title! I felt sick. I WAS SO ANNOYED!
Every time I tried to delete it all it came back! I had to take my computer to the computer repair guys and explain what had happened. Anyway it turns out that even though I have paid for my continued updates for anti virus etc, I hadn't been updating them correctly and only part of the virus protection was being updated! I had dozens and dozens of spies (the last one was called Spy Sherriff and that did all the damage) and I had a virus as well .I have been waiting for it to be fixed and hoping I hadn't lost my photos and files etc. It is now OK (thank goodness), $120 later!!!!!!!
I AM SO ANGRY that people find pleasure in creating these viruses and ways to invade our privacy and cost us not only money, but heartache as well.

PS. Thankyou for all your comments about my 10km walk. When I calm down I will catch up with everyone. Hope all is well at your place! xxxx


Jodie said...

I've been having troubles with my work computer getting onto certain blogs. I think while I was away someone has been tampering with security settings etc. Tried all afternoon but very slow and annoying. Take care. XX

Mello4me said...

I hear you on this one and agree to make sure they are all up to date. Thankfully my brother is a computer wiz and can repair them but whew it is a real worry. Glad you didn't loose anything and all is well.

Chris Powell said...

Thanks for the heads. All my pics etc.. are on here and would be devastated if i lost them.

Mary said...

That completely sucks and I just don't get why people spend so much time creating viruses etc. What losers! I hope you are up to date now and it doesn't ruin the rest of your week!

Kate said...

Hate that kind of thing - in the future if you ever need another computer it is worth investing in a mac, as they don't get viruses - much easier I think!

Em said...

That kind of thing makes me mad as hell also. Glad your back

{ the.Moranbah.Scrapper } said...

a good free software to help with that problem is Lavasoft Adaware. I have it on my work computer and home one and it works so well. And I love the fact its free!!

Just google it and you will find a download link.


Doug Bagley said...

Thanks for the warning. Sounds like a fun vacation for y'all coming up.
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