31 October 2005

My Gym

This is me toning my tummy (I hope!)

This one is me in the background on the treadmill (I am so small now I can be hidden by a single flash!)

This morning was my 6th visit to the gym and I still haven't had to share it! Everyone must go at night. Anyway, as I have a whole gym to myself I could take photos, check out my bulges in the wall to wall mirrors and turn my Suzy Q CD up as loud as I wanted to! Great fun!

30 October 2005

16 km for a Sunday walk!

Today DH and I walked to the Sunday Market then had Subway for lunch and walked home. It was approximately 16km (over 22,000 steps)!
I had a 6 inch Turkey sub (I usually have a small round Turkey roll) and treated myself to a choc chip cookie. I decided with all that walking I deserved a fat treat. I then accidently poured myself a real Coke instead of Diet Coke. Anyway it was all yummy and it gave me lots of energy to walk home. (All up I actually ate about 9.5 points for lunch and used 9.5 exercise points on my WW pedometer).
It has been a beautiful sunny day today and I think it will actually be warm enough to have a BBQ tea.

Off to the gym tomorrow. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28 October 2005


Sometimes scales are our friend and sometimes our enemy! My weight isn't changing at the moment but I know I am eating healthy, low fat, mostly low sugar food and drinking plenty of water. I am also exercising more than I have ever done, so I am quite happy. I think it is all too easy to get obsessive about the numbers on the scales and lose sight of the fact that even when the numbers don't change our body is still getting healthier and more fit.

Don't let the numbers get to you too much. Keep up the good work everyone and HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND.

26 October 2005

Just another day

Not much to report lately. I made
  • Philippa's
  • Magnificent Meat Loaf on Monday and it was delish! Great to have cold the next day too.

    Glad to report that I still haven't met anyone at "my" gym! Went on Monday and again today. I will go tomorrow morning as well.

    I have been reading a lot about the benefits of walking. I seem to power walk when I walk fast (don't care what it looks like). I read that the only thing you don't get by walking instead of running is more injuries, otherwise the health benefits are as great by walking. I can't convince DH of this, but I don't care. I really enjoy fast walking rather than running, so I will continue.

    So if you haven't got time to go to the gym or use your exercise equipment at home - power walk to the shop, or to work or to post your letters or any time you need to walk anywhere. I figure people will get used to seeing me power walk down to the shop.

    Actually I forgot to tell you, I got the giggles on Sunday at the Fun Run/Walk. I met a woman who looked lonely and we started talking. Then my DH came along and I introduced him. We were all in our walking/running gear. Then her DH came along and she introduced him (4 middle aged, wanting to be young and fit people getting excited about their exercise). It reminded me so much of "Kath and Kel" from the "Kath & Kim" episode where they thought they didn't have any friends and went out on their power walk in their gear and met a couple who looked exactly like them and acted and spoke like them. Of course I couldn't tell anyone why I was giggling, just had to hold it in till after the race when I could talk to DH.

    Anyway, who cares, we had fun and you're a long time dead!

    23 October 2005

    6km Fun run/walk

    DH and I went to Longford today for a 6km fun run/walk. It was a beautiful day, sun was shining and all went well. There were 282 starters, which the organisers were pleased about.
    I was happy with my time. I walked it in 46.54, which was faster than my Burnie time. Under 8 minutes a km. Don't think I can do better than that without jogging, but you never know! I will try.
    Can't wait to go to the gym tomorrow and use the machines. It isn't open on Fridays, so it seems forever since I've been. I have been jogging on my tramp though.
    It will be interesting to see if I am alone there again. Hope so!
    5 months of maintaining now, so that feels good. It is also 12 months since I decided I needed to lose 16kg. Feels like a lifetime ago. I have so much more energy though and I want to feel like this for the rest of my life.
    It will be interesting to see if I lose another kilo or so by going to the gym. I am happy with my weight but when I sit down I still feel that there are a few bulges that need to go. We will see! I know muscle weighs more, but maybe the rowing machine will take some fat off my middle?! Hope so!

    21 October 2005

    Mini quiches for lunch

    Just made these mini quiches for lunch. Very yummy! Adapted from the WW forum. I have posted my version in my Recipe Blog.


    19 October 2005

    Don't tell anyone!

    Don't tell anyone but I went to the YMCA gym again today and I had the whole place to myself again!!!! I can't believe it. It opens at 9.30 and I went at 9.45am and there was no-one in the gym except me! It is like having my own private gym! I know most people work, but I would have thought there would be some other people using it during the day. There were lots of cars there but those people were playing indoor bowls in one area and there was a childrens' playgroup in another. Aren't I lucky?!!!!
    I did 20 minutes on the treadmill, 15 minutes on the rowing machine, 15 minutes on the exercise bike and 10 minutes of various weight bearing arm exercises. Really felt like I had done something when I finished, so I was quite pleased. Walked home happily in the sunshine and didn't feel guilty about sitting and sewing this afternoon.
    Hope everyone is having a great week!

    17 October 2005

    Joined YMCA

    Thanks for all your helpful comments about the cross trainer. I decided to join YMCA and use their exercise room and see how I go before outlaying so much money. It is open Monday to Thursday.
    Walked down this morning and joined for 12 months ($8 joining fee). Fee for using fitness room is $4.50 for as long as I like and 10 sessions for $35 or $30 a month.
    Huge room with a treadmill and 20 exercise machines. Everything from a rowing machine to exercise bikes (no cross trainer of course).
    I had the whole room to myself. Must have picked a quiet time, so that was great.
    The girl unlocked the room for me and put on a great music CD. I explained to her that I didn't have a clue how to use any of them and she said "You will be OK, just keep your shoulders square and don't over extend your limbs when you use the machines". She then left me to it.
    OK, so I used most of the machines. Don't have a clue if I was doing the right thing, but I want to tone up my arms and stomach mostly and the rowing machine felt good for that. Figured out the treadmill and just used it manually for a while, but next time I will set it on a program and see how I go.
    I used the machines for about 45 minutes and felt quite good after. (Tomorrow will tell the tale).
    I will go two or three times a week and on other days will jog on my tramp and walk.

    DH and I had a lovely day yesterday. We walked 5km in the country and then drove to a nice place by the river and had a picnic lunch. We thought about all the Bloggers in Joggers and were pleased to be part of the Walk for a Cure.

    Next week we are doing a 6km Fun Run/Walk in the country.

    16 October 2005

    Help!? - Elliptical cross trainer

    Yesterday we had a look at some Elliptical Cross Trainers. I have decided I need some different exercise.

    Does anyone have one, or use one at the Gym?
    If you own one, do you use it?
    If you use one at the Gym, do you like it?

    I tried one out at the Sports Store and really liked it but they are quite expensive and I need to check it all out first. (It is a York X720 $799).

    I thought I may join the YMCA for a month or so and go and use one there to see if I like it. The YMCA is only down the road from my house and is much cheaper than joining a Gym.

    Anyway just a thought at this stage, so I would appreciate any comments.

    14 October 2005

    Journals - blogging

    Just read an article about Journaling and how, whether it is a private journal or a public journal, it is of great benefit to us to write down our feelings.

    Getting Started Journaling (from Discovery Health. Com)

    Complete the following phrases: (Here are my answers)

    I am eager to … Live a healthy and happy life.

    I doubt myself when … My children doubt me.

    I feel powerful when … I achieve a goal.

    I'm proud of myself because … I have helped raise my 2 wonderful children to a productive adulthood. I am not going to be fat and unhealthy at 50.

    My 10 favourite things are … family,sunny days,beach,music,nice food, good movie, sweet peas, mountain views, water views, my rice cooker

    I am most grateful for … My sanity

    I can simplify my life by living without … stress

    I feel my mission in life is to … Haven't figured that one out yet! Although, if I don't figure it out soon it will be too late!

    In my wildest dreams, I … never thought I would be married twice, live in Newcastle for almost a year, share my thoughts and weight and feelings with the world.

    I believe in myself because … I can't expect others to believe in me if I don't.


    13 October 2005

    Weights workout

    I admire all those mothers who push prams and strollers every day. You all must have muscles of steel!
    I just took my smallest grand-daughter (almost 3) for a walk to the shops. We were fine going down. I even went the long way, as I was feeling energetic. The trip home was a different story! Pushing a stroller and a 3-year-old and a couple of bags of groceries hanging off the side (up hill) surely must be a pretty good workout! Those of you with small children do this all the time, so you know what I mean.
    Anyway it was very enjoyable, despite being hard work. She is now asleep and I will have a cuppa and finish reading my WW magazine. Very motivating issue this month. I actually subscribed yesterday too, after making sure that I was included in the free filter jug offer. The jug will be good to get me back on track with my water drinking.
    Hope everyone's week is going well.

    10 October 2005

    Walk for a Cure - Bloggers in Joggers

    Next weekend is the Walk for a Cure for Juvenile Diabetes. Some of our blogging friends are meeting up for the Sydney walk! That would be so much fun. As I live too far away, I have decided to do the walk in spirit with them (from Tassie) and have made my Bloggers in Joggers T-shirt. Check out the details on M and Cath's blog and join us. It is such a good cause.
    Thanks to
  • M
  • for organising all of this and M and Cath for designing the logo. Cath kindly emailed me the logo on Saturday. It will be a great T-shirt to wear for walks for the rest of the year too! (T-shirt was a bargain from Rivers $5.95! XS! probably the wrong sizing, but I am going with it!)

    09 October 2005

    My first Burnie Ten

    Great day for the Burnie Ten today! Weather was 19 degrees (much warmer than it has been lately here). It was a bit windy, but no rain thank goodness. I was determined to walk the whole way, although I was so tempted to jog to start as most people were jogging and running and there were almost 2,500 people in the race! I wanted to see if I could better my walk time for my 1st 10km walk a few weeks ago, and I did! I walked the Burnie Ten in 85 minutes (1:25:00). I was really pleased as this was 6 minutes faster than my last walk. DH finished the run well and came back to check on me. I told him I was on a mission and I couldn't talk, so he jogged away and waited for me to finish. After all the jokes about all my pedometers, I forgot to wear one! It would have been about 14,500 steps.

    06 October 2005

    Couldn't look sideways

    My "Suzanne original"
    My black pansy

    I literally haven't been able to look to the side this week. I have done something to my neck and the top of my back and today is the first day I am actually nearly pain free. (Talk about a pain in the neck!). I have still been walking and jogged once on my tramp(not a sensible thing to do). Anyway I am nearly better and still looking forward to my 10km walk at Burnie on Sunday. We just found out that they are giving medals for finishing this year, so that will be exciting.

    Haven't had any alcohol since Sunday night. Thought I would try and make up for last week. I told DH that is probably why my neck and back have gone to the pack - no alcohol to lubricate the joints!

    Went shopping yesterday and actually started Christmas shopping. Also bought some 3/4 black jeans at Target which should have been $40 and scanned for $11 at the checkout. I didn't argue! I nearly didn't buy them cause they were slightly tight (not bulging over the top, muffin style tight, but just tighter than my others). Anyway they were really comfortable so I bought them and I was so pleased when they were only $11. Don't care if it was a mistake, I figure Coles Myer can afford it!

    My scarf that I started knitting during the winter has suddenly turned into a handbag! Couldn't be bothered knitting any more, so I bought some handles and made a small bag. I think it is cute even if it is a "one of a kind".

    HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND everyone. I will let you know how I survive on Sunday night.

    04 October 2005

    WW pedometer

    A few months ago I moaned about how unhappy I was with my WW pedometer and I bought a new Omron one (which is very accurate). I finally decided to stop moaning about the WW one and actually do something about it. It wrote a letter to WW and returned it and asked them if they could either fix it (free of charge) or discard it, as it was no use to me the way it was. I had a nice surprise today. I received a brand new one in the post! I haven't tried it yet as DH and I had just come back from a long walk into town (Subway again, 10km round trip), but I will try it out tomorrow and hopefully have better luck this time.

    We walked to town and by the time we arrived my socks felt terrible. They were new ones that I hadn't tried before and they seemed to have too much nylon or something in them. We went to Best & Less and I bought a pack of three pairs of sports socks (mens), cotton blend, but they felt OK. And guess what! They came with a free pedometer! DH wore it home and it was very accurate. I changed my socks before we walked home and the new ones were fine. Glad I found out about the others before the Burnie 10!

    Anyway now I have 4 pedometers! DH can't believe what a nutcase I am becoming about my stepping! He suggested I start a new trend and wear all four to the Burnie 10!

    Seriously though, I really think that wearing a pedometer encourages me to walk more. I only wear it for planned walks, not around the house and it encourages me to walk the long way everywhere. Surely that is a good thing!