30 October 2005

16 km for a Sunday walk!

Today DH and I walked to the Sunday Market then had Subway for lunch and walked home. It was approximately 16km (over 22,000 steps)!
I had a 6 inch Turkey sub (I usually have a small round Turkey roll) and treated myself to a choc chip cookie. I decided with all that walking I deserved a fat treat. I then accidently poured myself a real Coke instead of Diet Coke. Anyway it was all yummy and it gave me lots of energy to walk home. (All up I actually ate about 9.5 points for lunch and used 9.5 exercise points on my WW pedometer).
It has been a beautiful sunny day today and I think it will actually be warm enough to have a BBQ tea.

Off to the gym tomorrow. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


M said...

What an amazing walk. That is the way to incorporate treats into your day and maintain your fabulous figure.

Go you Suzy! And I love Subway cookies.

Hope you have another great quiet day at the gym tomorrow :)

Julie's journey said...

That walk was phenomenal! Well done. I had a day of overindulging but will be back at it tomorrow.

Enjoy your gym - that's where I'm headed after work.

Philippa said...

Sounds like a great walk! Love the Cookie Monster picture.

Sue said...

What a walk! Tired just reading about it.

Em said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day..... have fun at the gym today