23 October 2005

6km Fun run/walk

DH and I went to Longford today for a 6km fun run/walk. It was a beautiful day, sun was shining and all went well. There were 282 starters, which the organisers were pleased about.
I was happy with my time. I walked it in 46.54, which was faster than my Burnie time. Under 8 minutes a km. Don't think I can do better than that without jogging, but you never know! I will try.
Can't wait to go to the gym tomorrow and use the machines. It isn't open on Fridays, so it seems forever since I've been. I have been jogging on my tramp though.
It will be interesting to see if I am alone there again. Hope so!
5 months of maintaining now, so that feels good. It is also 12 months since I decided I needed to lose 16kg. Feels like a lifetime ago. I have so much more energy though and I want to feel like this for the rest of my life.
It will be interesting to see if I lose another kilo or so by going to the gym. I am happy with my weight but when I sit down I still feel that there are a few bulges that need to go. We will see! I know muscle weighs more, but maybe the rowing machine will take some fat off my middle?! Hope so!


Chubbymum said...

OMG 46.54 is a great time!! You must be feeling so proud! I can't wait till I can do something like that.

Love CM

Leighanne said...

What a great time for the walk! - glad you are enjoying the gym:)

Philippa said...

Great job at the run at Longford! I'm thinking about following your example and going in the Sussan Women's fun run in December - but will probably walk it though!

Glad you're still enjoying the gym - nothing like having it to yourself, is there?

Have a great day xo

Jodie said...

Well done. You must feel very proud of yourself. Next year you might have to fly up for the City to Surf in Sydney!! Now there is a challenge! XX

Em said...

You must be soo proud of your time.. Well done. I am going to try your mini quiches, they look so yum. Enjoy your week and the gym

M said...

Yep, I think if you walk any faster you will officially be jogging. And how much like a converted gym goer do you sound like. LOL I think that is fantastic. I hope that you always have the gym to yourself, or if it happens to be populated, that it is so with gorgeous specimens of the male species. *sigh* I love the gym.

And how funny is my word verification. It is "ijock". Very appropriate for you on this post.

Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow :)

Kate said...

Well done on your walk, and your great time! You guys are so active. I'm sure all your exercise will help tone up the last few bits nicely.

Me said...

Well done on improving your time !!! Good for you. Hope you enjoyed your session at the gym yesterday and that there weren't too many people there !!!
Have a great week !

Doug Bagley said...

Man, a gym all to yourself. How would that be? Great! I would think.

Rachel said...

Well done, Suzy! You're such a wonderfully motivated and supportive blogger mate : )
Hey, I've been meaning to spread the news to my Aussie blog friends about this new Aussie magazine called the Healthy Food Guide. It has been going in NZ for about 8 months now (and I'm now a subscriber), but now you guys have your very own version! Check it out at http://www.healthyfoodguide.com.au/1.htm
Have a great day! : )

Polly said...

Hi Slim Suzy
Thanks for commenting and the encouragement on my blog. it's great to hear of people's success stories, it shows a glimmer of that light at the end of the tunnel for me who has a long way to go (wow having a bad grammar attack!). Congratulations on your walking, it's something I am getting into. I'm off to WW tonight to start losing weight again. it's really great that al over the world WW is working going to tell my class tonight about you lot.
Keep on keeping on you are a true inspiration