06 October 2005

Couldn't look sideways

My "Suzanne original"
My black pansy

I literally haven't been able to look to the side this week. I have done something to my neck and the top of my back and today is the first day I am actually nearly pain free. (Talk about a pain in the neck!). I have still been walking and jogged once on my tramp(not a sensible thing to do). Anyway I am nearly better and still looking forward to my 10km walk at Burnie on Sunday. We just found out that they are giving medals for finishing this year, so that will be exciting.

Haven't had any alcohol since Sunday night. Thought I would try and make up for last week. I told DH that is probably why my neck and back have gone to the pack - no alcohol to lubricate the joints!

Went shopping yesterday and actually started Christmas shopping. Also bought some 3/4 black jeans at Target which should have been $40 and scanned for $11 at the checkout. I didn't argue! I nearly didn't buy them cause they were slightly tight (not bulging over the top, muffin style tight, but just tighter than my others). Anyway they were really comfortable so I bought them and I was so pleased when they were only $11. Don't care if it was a mistake, I figure Coles Myer can afford it!

My scarf that I started knitting during the winter has suddenly turned into a handbag! Couldn't be bothered knitting any more, so I bought some handles and made a small bag. I think it is cute even if it is a "one of a kind".

HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND everyone. I will let you know how I survive on Sunday night.


Em said...

Wow thats a great bargain . Lol at the alcohol and am glad to hear your feeling better. Have a great time on Sunday, look forward to hearing all about it.
Take care

jak said...

Nice bargain on the jeans! I love your handbag! :)

Leighanne said...

I love that handbag - so cute
I wish I was that creative!!
Good luck for Sunday:)

Thinner Nancy said...

Your handbag is soo cool! Good luck for the Bernie 10 on Sunday!

michelle said...

I had the same thing happen with my daughter at Myer last week. WE ummed and ahhed about buying a windcheater reduced from $50 to $30. Went to pay for it and were charged $10.LOve the sales when they happen like that. Hope your neck is soon better.

kathrynoh said...

I wouldn't worry too much about Target - whenever I go there, something always scans for more than it says on the rack so I have to wait around for ages while they do a price check then they say it was on the wrong rack!

Love the bag. And black pansies are one of my favourite flowers. My mum keeps telling me she'll show me how to crochet pansies cos I want to make a rug out of them (pretty ambitious for someone who can't even crochet) but every time I see her I forget to remind her.

M said...

Thank you so much Suzy. You are so generous and I can't begin to tell you how it chokes me up that people are being so supportive.

I hope you have a great time tomorrow :) Thanks again *mwah*

Mello4me said...

Gorgeous handbag. Very crafty.
Well done on the pants always love to hear of unexpected bargains! Hope your neck clears up and have a wonderful weekend.

Mary said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog today Suzy! I know, can you imagine all the food, exactly. I hope to meet you one day too so we can have that Baileys :-)

Oooh, not so good to hear about the pain in the neck but great to hear it's not so painful now. Be careful. LOL at not having any alcohol to lubricate the joints, hehe, too funny!

Bargain on the jeans! Yeah and how many times have they ripped US off. Never mind. A bargain is a bargain :-)

LOVE the handbag. Looks really cool. You could sell them at the markets or something. See if any of the local clothing/bag stores would like to stock originals??

Have a great time on Sunday!!!

Me said...

Hope your neck is feeling better and that you are ok for the Burnie 10 tomorrow - good luck.
Take care and have a great day !

Kellee said...

I love the bag! Aren't you clever!

And best of luck for Sunday. I know you can do it.

Maybe you should have a glass of wine to limber up those limbs for Sunday? Have one for me, won't you?

Felicity said...

thinking of u today Suzy. Enjoy your walk.

Melinda said...

Cute bag, Suzy....you're a clever little chook, you can sew, cook, ride a bike!
Can't wait to see how you went today, I hope the weather was cooler there than here!

Jaykay said...

Hope you had a great walk today and the weather was good to you.

I got a medal too!

Sue said...

I think it looks even better as a bag than it would have as a scarf. Maybe you should book yourself in for a lovely massage?