16 October 2005

Help!? - Elliptical cross trainer

Yesterday we had a look at some Elliptical Cross Trainers. I have decided I need some different exercise.

Does anyone have one, or use one at the Gym?
If you own one, do you use it?
If you use one at the Gym, do you like it?

I tried one out at the Sports Store and really liked it but they are quite expensive and I need to check it all out first. (It is a York X720 $799).

I thought I may join the YMCA for a month or so and go and use one there to see if I like it. The YMCA is only down the road from my house and is much cheaper than joining a Gym.

Anyway just a thought at this stage, so I would appreciate any comments.


Sue said...

I use one at the gym and really like it, but I think your idea of trialling one at th Y for a month is a good way to decide before you spend too much money. Some equipment suppliers will let you hire for a time before you buy - could you try that?

jak said...

I use one at the gym, and it's great. It's a really tough work out, but I think it's pretty fabulous for building fitness.

I also own a cheap one (from memory it was around the $200 mark), that I am starting to use more. It's not as comfortable and smooth as the gym one, but it gets the job done.

Philippa said...

Trialling it at the Y or hiring one like Sue suggested is an excellent idea. Depending on what's cheaper, hiring one might be the way to go because you'd get used to using it in your own home.

If you're going to fork out a lot for your own machine, doing a trial first would be time and money well spent, I think.

M said...

Wow, it looks complicated. I think trialling it is a great idea, then perhaps to a rent-to-buy plan from a gym shop. That way it is not a huge outlay all at one and something about paying for it on installments makes you want to use it more.

Either way I say Go you!

Hope you had a great walk today in your shwanky t-shirt ;)

Kellee said...

Wow - how exciting to be buying on of those! I hope you find one that's good for you.

Congratulations on completing all those walks, too. So much motivation! And such a good cause too.

Jaykay said...

Suzy I use one at the gym and it's a great workout.

M, it's very easy to use if you don't want to do any of the programs, just enter the time you want to use it for, the workout leve, what your weight is and then hit enter and you're away!!

Lucy Stern said...

Suzie, We gave an elliptical machine to my daughter two years ago. She has bad knees and the elliptical machine works great for her. She does use it and she likes it. Go see her at her blog at: http://www.drywallmom.blogspot.com and ask her for her opinion. Good luck finding a new way to exercise.

Leighanne said...

I have an air walker - and I love it!!

Kate said...

We are thinking of getting one of those too, but I need to make sure I would be able to use it through my pregnancy before we invest! I think it would be great to have something like that to use on rainy days, or when getting out of the house with 2 babies under 2 is too much!

Jodie said...

They look quite difficult actually but I suppose they would give you a great workout!! Never tried one but I did buy a exercise bike that now collects dust!! Thinking of selling it on Ebay. I just prefer to get outdoors and exercise now. XX

Mary said...

We had a ellip. and we ended up giving it away. I found it really uncomfortable and it hurt my knees. In saying that though, I think if we spent a little more, it would have made a difference. It's a great idea to try them out first.