14 October 2005

Journals - blogging

Just read an article about Journaling and how, whether it is a private journal or a public journal, it is of great benefit to us to write down our feelings.

Getting Started Journaling (from Discovery Health. Com)

Complete the following phrases: (Here are my answers)

I am eager to … Live a healthy and happy life.

I doubt myself when … My children doubt me.

I feel powerful when … I achieve a goal.

I'm proud of myself because … I have helped raise my 2 wonderful children to a productive adulthood. I am not going to be fat and unhealthy at 50.

My 10 favourite things are … family,sunny days,beach,music,nice food, good movie, sweet peas, mountain views, water views, my rice cooker

I am most grateful for … My sanity

I can simplify my life by living without … stress

I feel my mission in life is to … Haven't figured that one out yet! Although, if I don't figure it out soon it will be too late!

In my wildest dreams, I … never thought I would be married twice, live in Newcastle for almost a year, share my thoughts and weight and feelings with the world.

I believe in myself because … I can't expect others to believe in me if I don't.



Thinner Nancy said...

What a great entry... Have a great weekend


Em said...

What a great way to really think about yourself and your life. Hope you have a great weekend too.

Sue said...

I just love this post! You have a great weekend too.

Jodie said...

Great entry - I think each of us should do this and post it on our blogs. Definately makes you face the truths about yourself and possibly learn new things about yourself. I'm starting mine now and will post it when I'm finished. Thanks and have a great weekend. XX

M said...

That is a great list. Will work on mine too. Thanks

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Paulene's Journal Journey said...

Great Entry today :)
The questions really pose something to think over don't they?

Thanks for your guestbook tag at my site too :)

My list was a big wake up call for me and really helped me to see just how far I've come already.
It makes it easier to tackle what's to come I guess?

I'm just updating the journal at the moment and I'll also FINALLY have those full body progress photo's posted too so check back soon to see the latest changes for yourself :)

Cheers P

Philippa said...

Great post Suzy - I'm going to do the same on my blog too.

Have a great weekend.

Mary said...

What a fab post Suzy! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend too. We'll get some photos of Sunday and post them :-)

Carla said...

cool post! i will have to try this soon too! hope your weekend is going just great!

Elisa said...

what a great post and idea.

Will work on mine too
Could be interesting to see if it changes once I get to goal?

Have a wonderful day