21 October 2005

Mini quiches for lunch

Just made these mini quiches for lunch. Very yummy! Adapted from the WW forum. I have posted my version in my Recipe Blog.



M said...

That looks delicious. What a great way to whip up a quick lunch. Thanks Suzy. Hope you have a fabulous weekend too :)

Mary said...

Ooh la la, will have to scoot over and see the recipe now. I hope you have a great weekend too :-)

Jodie said...

They look delicious. I have copied the recipe and will definately have to try it. Will be good in summer with a nice salad for a light meal. XX

Philippa said...

These look yummy! Will give them a go - they would be great for David to take to work for lunch.

Hope you have a fab weekend too!

Danatasia said...

oooo... I am definitely trying that one :) Have a great weekend.

Leighanne said...

Yum quiche!!
Will be trying these out!
Hope your weekend is going well:)