31 October 2005

My Gym

This is me toning my tummy (I hope!)

This one is me in the background on the treadmill (I am so small now I can be hidden by a single flash!)

This morning was my 6th visit to the gym and I still haven't had to share it! Everyone must go at night. Anyway, as I have a whole gym to myself I could take photos, check out my bulges in the wall to wall mirrors and turn my Suzy Q CD up as loud as I wanted to! Great fun!


Thinner Nancy said...

I would love to have the gym all to myself (not that I go at the moment anyways ... maybe that is why I don't!)


Leighanne said...

Looks like a great gym - lots of different equipment!

Me said...

What a lucky lady - I am sure if I knew that there was a chance that there would be nobody in the gym with me I would try to go as well !
Cheers for now and have a great week.

Jaykay said...

You are just so lucky having the gym to yourself....and walking 16km, wow!

I had Subway today. There was a special offer in the freeby paper...Foot long Sub, Regular drink and a cookie, all for $7.50. Ate the whole lot too. Oink Oink!

kathrynoh said...

Wow, sounds like you had fun at the gym today. Suzi Q would be perfect workout music too - I have been looking for some new stuff for my workout mix and I love good old rock, can't stand dance music. You've inspired me :)

Philippa said...

Looks like a great gym - and I love the comment that you are so small that the flash hides you! So true!

There's nothing like having the place to yourself - enjoy it!

M said...

This is just fantastic. If you hadn't posted a photo I would start thinking you were making the whole going to the gym story up. No gym is empty all the time. Where are the members. Oh. Maybe they are like me and walk in the park instead. Oops, better go and visit them soon.

Have a great day Suzy and great photos. You are looking sensational :)

Julie's journey said...

Love the fact that you took your camera to the gym and used the mirrors to take photos. Great job!

Mary said...

LOL now that is the kind of gym I would want to go to if I had to :-) Unreal!