28 October 2005


Sometimes scales are our friend and sometimes our enemy! My weight isn't changing at the moment but I know I am eating healthy, low fat, mostly low sugar food and drinking plenty of water. I am also exercising more than I have ever done, so I am quite happy. I think it is all too easy to get obsessive about the numbers on the scales and lose sight of the fact that even when the numbers don't change our body is still getting healthier and more fit.

Don't let the numbers get to you too much. Keep up the good work everyone and HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND.


The Libran said...

Loved the pic of the scales....lol
Nice one!
I look forward to your comments on my blogs...thanks again Suzy:0)
Cheers Lynne

Thinner Nancy said...

Totally true. I am obsessed with numbers (some times more than others) ... but we do have to focus on non-scale reading aspects as well. We are all so much healthier than when we started, exercise is a routine now instead of an occassional happening and our food choices are better. We should let how we feel guide us more than the stupid numbers!

Hope you have a good weekend


Philippa said...

Great post Suzy - I'm slowly (!) realising that looking at the bigger picture is really important. The number on the scales will catch up eventually if we keep doing the right things. I might have to look at this post again on Monday (fingers crossed I won't)

Have a lovely weekend xo

missjesse said...

So true. Like I said to Philippa in one of her posts, the number on the scales measures EVERYTHING our body holds, so we shouldn't get to thinking it is however many kilos of fat.
Have a lovely weekend :)

Em said...

I agree totally it isnt about the scales.. its about making good choices, feeling better in yourself.We should all be soo proud of what we have achieved regardless of what the scales say.
Have a great weekend

kathrynoh said...

It's so true and I think we all know it and can be wise when it comes to supporting others. The real secret is knowing when it applies to us as well :)

Mary said...

LOL at the cartoon, that's great! So true what you say. Have a great weekend!

M said...

Thank you for this. I had the scale talk with DH only this morning. They are up at the moment, but that is all that is up as my trousers keep falling down. LOL. He said the gym is finally kicking in and taking down size whilst propping up the numbers. So I am not worried, yet, as long as it is a short visit upwards..
Have a great weekend Suzy. Oh and the daylight savings comment on my blog - I know it doesn't relate to you. You guys are lucky and already enjoy the extra sunshine.

Mello4me said...

So true ... I think we can get truly obsessed and sometimes you need to take a step back and have a look at where you are at ... have a great weekend, great post. Cheers

Cath said...

I love the comic of the scales... it's great!

I think numbers are important to a point, I personally rely on them to tell me if I need to watch things for a while, but it's important to remember that they can change for lots of reasons!

It sounds like you are on the right track to a totally balanced life suzy!