30 November 2005

Time to get ready!

December is here tomorrow and it is time to bring out the Christmas decorations and get serious about Christmas shopping and planning meals for Christmas Day.

I love everything about Christmas. I know it is also a sad time for lots of people who have lost their loved ones. The first Christmas morning after my parents died I woke up and cried and cried. Then I thought I must be brave and happy for my children and for all my family who are still here and I mustn't let my sadness ruin the festivities of Christmas. From that time on I have enjoyed Christmas again. Of course I still think of my parents and others who are no longer with us, but I make sure I stay happy and busy and keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

So, have fun everyone. Enjoy yourselves doing your Christmas shopping and have wonderfully happy times at your work and social functions. I hope all your Christmas wishes come true.

28 November 2005

Low fat croutons

I love Caeser Salad and I have been trying to make a lower fat version. The Kraft CarbWell caeser dressing is just 1 point for 20mls and quite yummy. I have been grilling very lean bacon and making my own croutons. I use extra sharp grated parmesan and I don't have an egg on top and overall it isn't too high in points.

I use leftover bread for my croutons. Cut off crusts. Spray with olive oil spray. Rub on garlic or sprinkle with garlic flakes and sprinkle on some herbs and spices. Cut up into small squares and bake slowly until light brown and crispy. Croutons are yummy and can be frozen for later use. Nice on top of other salads or soups in the winter too (not that we want to think of winter now).

Have a great week everyone.

24 November 2005

Yummy choc dessert!

I just made a yummy dessert. I am just practising for Christmas. My family is coming and they don't really like plum pudding so I need to think of some alternatives.

Will post the recipe on my Recipe Blog - Yummy Choc Dessert

I've been to the gym 3 times this week. I have been to the dentist and the doctor, so have had a busy week spring cleaning myself before Christmas. My GP is still amazed at my health. BP was fine, weight was fine. She actually praised me for maintaining my weight. I haven't seen her for 6 months. Her scales were the same as mine, so that was good.

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth! Well 2 of my teeth are not real. I am getting 2 new ones on a metal plate instead of an acrylic plate and it is so much better ($800 instead of $400, but worth it). I get them next week, so that will be my Christmas present I think. I am really happy about getting them though. Maybe Santa might bring me something else too as I have been so good all year!

21 November 2005

I love picnics

I love picnics, barbecues and eating outside. Lately I have been making up any excuse to go for a picnic. When we lived in Newcastle, I was amazed at the amount of people out picnicing most of the year. I guess the lovely warm weather and the beautiful water views were the winning combination to make people feel like eating outside.

When I make a picnic I always take my rolls/bread and all my ingredients and make up the rolls or sandwiches when I get there. They are so much nicer and don't have a chance to go soggy.

I have changed my muffin recipe slightly, so have deleted the old one and added the new one to my Recipe Blog. They are very large muffins and can be easily sliced into small slices when cold if needed.

Don't you just love this warmer weather!

20 November 2005


Most days I have been eating a mixture of almonds, dried apricots and sultanas (about 40g). I buy them all in larger packets and mix them together for my "daily dose". I have now added 10g of pepitas (pumpkin seeds) to that mix. For those of you who haven't tried them, they are delish. Quite a nutty flavour. I bought the plain ones, but they also come in salted. (I count it as 2 points as it is a very healthy and nutritious snack - it may be slightly over that).

"Nutritional Benefits of Pepitas Are:
• Vegan, gluten-free, and no cholesterol or trans fats
• Very low net carbs
• Significant source of fibre to aid digestion and reduce cholesterol
• High in heart-healthy protein and Omega-3 oil
• Rich in zinc for a strong immune system
• Good source of iron, phosphorus, Vitamin E and tryptophan for overall health • Great for reproductive health

While I was at the Health Food shop I also bought some capsules to try and strengthen my nails. They are flaking and splitting badly and although I don't usually take vitamin pills, as I need to take medication for blood pressure, I have come to the desperate stage with my fingernails. They told me it would take 3 months to see any difference so this will be another thing I need to be patient with. (I think my stomach is getting flatter - I am whispering cause I don't want to say it out loud yet as I can't quite believe it is happening after all these years).

We had a nice day yesterday. Did our long walk to town and Subway for lunch (of course). I found a gorgeous top at Crossroads. Will either wear it to DH's Christmas function or wear it on Christmas day (or both). I have decided I am officially a "shopaholic". Luckily DH found himself 2 T-shirts on sale, so I didn't feel so guilty! Trouble is I have had to shop so much for myself with my new size that it has become quite a habit. Nice habit though!!!

16 November 2005

Yay! Spring Cleaning!

I am exhausted, but happy! For the last two days I have cleaned windows, washed curtains, cleaned out cupboards, washed china and thrown out junk. The weather has finally been nice for a couple of days in a row, so I decided to do my spring cleaning at last. Even though most of the work is inside, I don't really feel motivated until the sun shines. It does give a great sense of satisfaction now it is done, even though I am totally exhausted.

I have still managed two trips to the gym and I will go again tomorrow. Have only seen the other lady twice so I am still bopping away to Suzy Q happily by myself!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

14 November 2005

Yummy Iced coffee

  • Philippa
  • suggested freezing brewed coffee in ice blocks to make iced coffee I have become "hooked" on iced coffee. So yummy! I use:
    1 low fat Bulla chocolate ice cream (chopped up)
    1 glass low fat milk
    about 6 ice blocks of frozen strongly brewed black coffee

    Blend all together and sprinkle some coffee on top. Delicious! I don't add sugar but you could if needed. A large iced coffee for 1.5 points! I don't even miss the cream, but I guess you could spray on some low fat cream if you really needed it.

    I have added my recipe for Cannelloni to my recipe blog

    11 November 2005


    I have been working very hard at the gym. I went 3 times this week and I have been doing lots of exercise for my tummy. I have been rowing and rowing and rowing. This is the 4th week at the gym but I am not noticing a smaller waist measurement yet. Guess I just have to stick at it and be patient and see what happens. It is frustrating though.I don't want to look like a body builder, I just want to get rid of the last tyre that is left.

    I know - remind myself of the advice - slow and steady wins the race.


    08 November 2005

    16kgs of butter!

    I really don't miss Butter! The day I first started my weight loss I decided not to eat any more butter. This was a fairly hard decision for me as I dearly loved crumpets with lashings of butter, potatoes with lashings of butter, toast dripping with lashings of butter - you get the general idea - yes, lashings of butter on everything.

    Any time I need a spread I now use Light Laughing Cow Cream Cheese Spread Portions. They are half a point per serve and one serve is enough to spread two slices of toast or 2 crumpets. When I am cooking I use olive oil spray and when I need butter as an ingredient I use Olive Grove light margarine.

    I thought I would miss Butter, but I really don't. I have read that it helps us realise the weight we have lost by visualising it as something like tubs of butter, so I put together a photo of 16kgs of butter (32 x 500g tubs), as this is the weight I have lost since starting.
    Any time you feel that you are losing weight too slowly, just measure that weight loss in something like a tub of butter and you will realise that it all adds up and each few hundred grams really makes a difference.
    I am so glad the butter is still in the tubs and now not on my hips and thighs!


    04 November 2005


    The last couple of days the weather has been much warmer here and I have been hanging my budgie (Barry)'s cage out in the porch where it is cooler. Our cat (Mitsie) is an outdoor cat (sleeps in the laundry at night) and is free to do as she pleases in the yard.
    Barry has bells in his cage. Mitsie has a bell around her neck (to try and warn birds of prey that she is roaming).
    Yesterday I heard the tinkle of bells and I looked out through the back screen door to see if all was OK.
    Mitsie was just sitting and staring at Barry. I watched her for ages and she didn't move - just sat and stared.
    I then explained to her that even though Barry looked like her next succulent meal, he is actually her brother in this family and must not be eaten.
    I told her that we are faced with a lot of tasty sights and smells during the course of our day when we are out, but that doesn't mean we can necessarily eat anything we fancy. I also told her that for the sake of her future health and well-being she should re-consider this particular temptation and realise that the consequences of eating this plump, juicy blue feathered morsel would not be worth it for her. I also explained that she is given a diet of nutritious, delicious food each day by me and an extra indulgence of plump, juicy Barry would be bad for her waistline.
    She put her head down and just stared into space for a long time and then sauntered off down the stairs to look for a lizard (much lower in points than Barry, I'm sure)
    Thank goodness she listened to my dietary advice (at least this once anyway).


    I have added my recipe for Date Scones to my Recipe Blog

    02 November 2005

    Prawns on the Barbie

    Well Makybe Diva didn't let me down! My Dear Son came to lunch and brought me my winnings. (I try to only have a small flutter as there is gambling blood pumping through my veins and I refuse to let myself turn into a gambler - everything in moderation remember! I do enjoy it though).
    So I have bought some prawn and scallop kebabs to have tonight on the BBQ. It is so hot here 25 degrees! Believe me, we are not used to it! We will eat outside, so some prawns and a cold wine should be nice. I mainly drink McGuigans Black Label Red. I tried it when we went to the Hunter Valley. It can be served chilled and it is the only red wine I can drink without getting a migraine. The man at the Vineyard told me to try it and he almost guaranteed I wouldn't get a headache. I tried it and was headache free so consequently, as I love the taste and love being able to have a cold wine, it has become my favourite.

    I just walked down and bought the kebabs from our local fishmonger. They have very fresh fish. On the way back I called into Coles and bought some Eskimo Pies for a treat for DH. I spotted some Bulla chocolate Light Ice Cream Packs of 8 sticks and thought I would try them. They only work out to be 1.3 points each.

    I just had one and it was very yummy. A tiny bit sweet for me, but certainly tasty. (Sweeter than chocollo - I love Chocollo!) Now I won't feel like tucking into an Eskimo Pie when DH has one.

    Guess what!! There was a lady at the gym this morning! She was on the treadmill when I arrived and left after about 20 minutes. She was music free until I arrived, but said she didn't mind Suzy Quatro, so I turned it on. It was such a shock to have another body in the gym with me! Anyway I coped.

    01 November 2005

    Go Makybe Diva!

    Last year I bought my first hat. Just in case I ever go to a horse race, I decided I needed a hat. On Sunday we are going to the Races and I tried on my hat. It had a large brim and didn't look nice. I have never worn it and I decided to re-model it and make it smaller (like me!). I cut off the brim and cut and shut it a bit and here it is. I quite like it now.

    So, as I had a small flutter on the Melbourne Cup - Makybe Diva to win - I decided to try on my dress and hat and watch the Cup. Won't have a wine (by myself), but will have a cuppa and hope that the Diva can come up with a hat-trick for the Melbourne Cup and show all the males that a female can go against all odds and do whatever she sets her mind to!

    OK, so the ironing can wait until tomorrow!

    P.S. This is fatter me in my fatter hat.